The world is in complete havoc. Due to volcanic ash, it's getting colder progressively and there's a even bigger problem regarding food due to crops not growing. People are continuously dying and it seems that these catastrophic events will lead to the end of the world.    The cities we used to call home are drowning in volcanic ash leading to the reader internally feeling the catastrophic experience in the book, "Life as we Knew It". After all of these horrible events, there's still hope from Miranda's family. One of the best things that has happened in these past weeks is that Jonny gets to go to a baseball camp, but not just an ordinary baseball camp, a baseball camp where you get free meals for an entire month!    This is wonderful for the family, but Miranda doesn't see things this way. Sure, Miranda feels happy for her little brother, but something just doesn't seem right. Right after Jonny went to his baseball camp, Miranda's mother makes a rule where everyone in the family must eat a limit of two meals a day. Miranda decides to put her thoughts into action, leading to an argument with her Mom and her storming out the house. I feel really concerned for the family, but they'll definitely find a way to make up for their actions. Or will they?

The End

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