Gangland InfernoMature

   Inferno City, a seedy underground  where crime runs rampant. The city is filled with common street gangs and up and coming punks. They say the sun never shines here, probably because most business goes down at night. The sounds of gunshots ring all through the night. The murder rate is sky high and children are mostly bred from hookers. This city is no place to call home unless you have nothing to lose, but there is one gang that reigns supreme. The Cimino Crime Family, they have ruled for over forty years, and no one has yet to take them down.

   The Cimino's are a band of italian gangsters led by none other than Don Paulie Cimino. This guy is a tyrant, legend has it that Inferno City was once a peaceful city until Paulie arrived. He started a crew of italians and built rackets all over the city. People of the Inferno saw this and began to build there own gangs. Paulie saw this as a good way to make money. He started paying off the cops then offered protection to these crews in exchange for money.  All the gangs were ok with paying Paulie until he raised the prices. They resented Paulie for this and went to war. Paulie had more men then the gangs and picked em off one by one. The city turned into a battle ground and the murder rate soared. 

   Since then gangs rose and fell, but the Cimino's stayed on top. So far no one has proved a worthy advesary to Don Cimino. If he thought a gang was getting to powerful he would obliterate them. Which brings to to tonight.

   It was a rainy night as four men sat in a room. The four men were Don Cimino, Paulie Cimino Jr., Joey Franchenzo, and Dominic Sanchelli. These four men were the top guys of The Cimino Family. Paulie Jr. was the Dons son just as much of a tryant as his father. Joey Franchenzo was a killer, seeing blood gave him some sort of euphoric elation. then there was Dominic Sanchelli this guy was a powerhouse. They say he can cave in a mans face with one punch. They called themselves The Dynasty. Anyway a meeting was in place about The Scorpions. See The Scorpions are an all hispanic gang mainly because most of the members are related in one way or another. These guys brought some kind of new drug to the streets called poison. People were dropping like flies on this drug. It only takes a little bit to overdose on it which is the only reason these people came up in a meeting. One of Joey's men has died on this drug, and Joey wants revenge. He sees it as an assasination on his men.

   The plan is for Joey to take his men and exterminate every Scorpion he sees. Joey is gonna take the war to The Scorpions warehouse. This should prove his point. Joey jumps in his caddilac and speeds off to the hotel were he has a very profitable prostition racketand also uses as a hangout. He gets out of the car and walks in the front door. Three armed guards follow joey upstairs. Joey strolls into a room where his men are sitting around a table playing a game of poker. Lefty one of Joeys most trusted soldiers looks up at Joey and says "Whats the word boss is it on". Joey nods and everybody gets up. All his soldiers grab an assortment of guns and flood down the stairs to the parking lot. Five packed cars drive out of the lot and zoom towards The Scorpion's warehouse. On the arrival Joey and his men waste no time they all empty out of the cars. And shoot out down the door. Suprised as hell the hispanic gangsters look as if they saw a ghost. It was a massacare as the crew unleashed a storm of bullets. Ungodly Screams of grown men and rangs of automatic weapons filled the atmosphere. As Blood and bullets spray all over.  The scene was horrific dead bodies lay on the cold cement. Crimson liqiud splattered all over the walls. Joey and all of his men still alive and harmed walk out of the warehouse and jump in the cars. They speed of into the dark finishing off there rounds into the night sky.

The End

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