Aeron, the illusive Princesss

Xenthus and Nyx had walked down the corridors that led to the conference room, only to be halted by the first-born princess of Halcyon, Aeron. Her walk held triumph in each step, only to reach her father and give Nyx a smile of interest. Nyx’s eyes lingered away from hers and dozed off, while Xenthus greeted his daughter with open arms.

“Darling, your beauty has grown to be much fairer than your mother’s.” Aeron let her head dip in grace letting a fitted chuckle slip past her delicate lips. Her elegant impression seemed flattered for it had been an act, greeting her father with a delicate smile and embracing him, all the while having her eyes occasionally looking over at Nyx with courting interest yet nonetheless never being returned in favor.

“Oh Father,” Her tone sounding softhearted yet confident. “On your way to the conference? Shall Nyx be joining you?” Directing her gaze and question at Nyx, but the king gladly answered in response for his indifferent brother.

“Unfortunately, he won’t be, It’s been made exclusive, but everything shall be kept well-guarded so no need to worry, not that you will, since you’re quite aware of-”

“Your father’s arrogance.” Cut in Nyx, now staring at his brother, his eyes now shifting down towards Aeron, who giggled and placed a gloved hand to her dark, plump, red lips.

“Oh hush.” Xenthus laughed, whole heartedly, as he dismissed his comment with a wave of his hand. Yet, his face quickly shifted to a much more stoic expression, one that held dominance that was also hinted in his tone. Leaving both royals quiet. Xenthus spoke “Be aware, not all may be well at the end of the day, so I’ll assign Nyx to watch over you, Aeron.”

Nyx merely nodded, followed by Aeron who smiled and looked over at Nyx. “Take good care of me.” She bit her bottom lip seductively long enough till her father didn’t see, leaving Nyx to mentally curse at himself.

“Of course, My princess.” Nyx replied as Xenthus chuckled once more and placed a hand at his shoulder, walking away with robes dragging behind him. Leaving Nyx and Aeron alone in the corridors.

Aeron let her fingers lace with Nyx’s who unwillingly agreed, letting himself be guided along. “Tell me, Nyx”

Nyx kept quiet, raising a brow as Xenthus walked away. Has she no shame? To hold hands with a man of her own blood.

“ Wouldn’t you agree, that you’re a man of many wonderful traits, ones .. I ..” She paused her fingers slowly, losing grip from his own.

Nyx mentally cursed at himself a second time. ‘May the Gods have mercy on me.’

The End

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