Nyx, the insouciant Viceroy

Xenthus’ eyes lingered over towards his brother, who walked through the large entrance, a grin stretches across his lips. “Entertainment,” Xenthus thought. “Brother, what brings you to my presence?”


“Bored in the life of royalty, Brother?” Nyx humorlessly chuckled as he lifted his head, after the king had raised his hand to halt him from his usual praise. The other joined him in his muse, chuckling.  


“You could say, I need some fun in my life, though with no queen at my side, I’ll make due with you.” Xenthus smirked, toying with Nyx’s -always- stoic expression.


“Fancy me, Brother?” Nyx mused as he walked up the steps to the throne, his frame now at the king’s side.


“Quite.” The king chuckled as he let the crown slip off his head catching it in his hand as he sighed, reaching over to plop it on his brother’s head. “Suits you.” He muttered.


Nyx’s face never seemed to change expressions only ever wavering with simple questionable eyes that the elders could never know.


“They’re coming today.” The king finally stated, sighing again.


“You’re nervous.” Nyx said, not making it sound like a question, more like a statement which earned a smile at his brother’s lips as he rested his chin on his palm.


“In a sense. Yet, I suppose I’m more, excited for this.”


Nyx gave him a look only he could read.


“I feel as if this is the beginning of something much more grand, brother. Do you feel it? We’ll finally be at peace. Something our father and his father wouldn’t as so much as ever believe.” Xenthus said while gesturing with his arms expanding.


Nyx’s eyes seemed to have wavered, letting them shift towards the door as a guard walked through.


“Your majesties,” the soldier bowed, “They’re here and awaiting in the conference room as you asked.” The soldier informed Nyx and Xenthus, an arm draped over his chest, hand in fist.


The king merely nodded and the guard took it as his cue to leave.


“Hm...” The king slouched on his throne,


“Brother, you’re irresponsible.” Nyx muttered once more as the king rose to his feet and dragged his long robes down the steps.  


Nyx cocked his head, crown still on, picking the crown off his own head and holding it in his hands, staring at it silently.  


“I’ve always thought you’d be king, so when the elders gave me the crown, it was only because I was the eldest, yet ... “


Xenthus’ gaze lingered from the crown to his brother. “We all know who would have been the better king.” Nyx at this point lifted his head, shaking it in disbelief.


“Brother ... “


“No,” Xenthus smiled, mimicking his brother’s actions, bowing. Leaving Nyx speechless for the first time in a while. “Walk with me, will you?” He smiled lifting his head, as he extended his arm towards his brother. Only leaving Nyx to follow down the steps, handing him his crown.


The palace itself was an art piece left to be admired from afar, ancient architecture adorning its exteriors, while refurbished rooms and corridors took refuge in its interior. Halcyon was a place of  peace, yet where law was absolute and order must be held to its utmost degree. It’s said past kings still roam these walls, lingering to watch over the new king in essence, but who knew deception was so close.


The End

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