The next morning was an early one. He’d practically forced me out of bed and out to do my job for him. It made me wonder why he didn’t do it. Maybe they would be able to track him down easier because he resided in that house most of the time, not to mention he wasn’t sane from the alcohol. He’d probably let himself get caught.

Stealing from people was never easy; they always noticed and fought back even though I had meant them no harm. Sometimes I didn’t attack them and other times I did, it all depended on how desperate I was. Having only a couple of days until you’d be killed, qualified for me to take this measure. When I get like this, not only was it hard to come out of but I also picked fights with people I didn’t even know. All as an attempt to snag their wallet…

The rare sunlight was just starting to make its dent on the world. Its rays barely reached the high ends of the buildings. Those nostalgic metal figures in the sky never moved nor changed. It was like they were watching everyone from all the way up there. I often lost myself my own thoughts and I would end up being stuck in the moment sometimes, especially if there’s music involved. This never lasted for long, though. In my opinion, heaving isn’t a place you go once you die, it’s a sensation you get when you’re alive. I must’ve heard that somewhere because I rarely have the right state of mind to come up with such theories.

I was currently waiting in an alley, lazily letting the time pass by. The sun could now been seen in the sky, this is if you didn’t live in the city. It had left the horizon and I could tell by the brightness of the sky.

Usually, no one would drift off into the alleys this early in the morning. They feared people like me and twisted others would be lurking here. I don’t remember seeing too many other people here, they either now knew me as worthless or not worth their time. But our targets were the same and they’d dispose of me quickly if I got in the way.

My attention drifted and spotted someone coming my way. No one else seemed to be around and watching. They were walking casually and I could almost smell the money they held. I certainly chose the right side of the city to do my business in.

They’d been foolish to saunter down the narrow passage that I was hiding in; it was a hot shortcut that a few now used because of its reputation. Yeah, I had helped out with that as well…

This individual either didn’t notice me or was feeling a little cocky. This had got me thinking, did they have a concealed weapon or something? Anyway, I knew I had to get that money and I couldn’t afford this hesitation right now. I dove towards my target with a rusted knife in my left hand and managed to land a crippling blow right across their back side.

They collapsed moments later.






I knew I had to steal my share fast because I could hear noises further back in the passageway. I couldn’t see the numbers on the money, so I couldn’t see how much I was stealing. I only hoped that it would satisfy my father and I wouldn’t have to do this again. He and I both knew that they wanted me off the streets and they’d recently posted a small bounty for someone to bring me in. They didn’t even know my name, but wanted anyone that fit my description. They never even got close to catching me; I sometimes wondered if they even tried, in a city like this.

I didn’t take time to count the cash after I’d run out into the sunlight. How long had it been? My father had a reputation for changing his mind as well as his tolerance for me, so I couldn’t take any chances. It had taken me long enough to get out here and by the time I made it make it back was probably pushing my luck.

I don’t know how long I had been out before and what had caused my wounds to mend, but I had managed to hold up until I got home. By then, I was starting to feel a little achy and tired.

He wasn’t there when I got home, but had done like he did before. He’d woken me up and had the same gun at my jaw. The only change was that he seemed a little tired and heavily influenced from the alcohol he had. I could read it in his eyes, nothing had changed there.

He flashed a wild grin and stared at me through those hazy eyes, “So, you got the loot I take? ‘Else you wouldn’t be showin’ up here!!” He said almost too loudly for my ears.

I forked out the money I had stuffed into my pocket earlier. That’s when I realized that I should’ve counted the amount. He didn’t look disappointed, only more annoyed. Surprisingly, that grin returned to his face. There was nothing behind it though, except maybe that erg to pull the trigger.

Instead of the firing of the gun, I felt a sharp slam on the side of my face that made me stagger to my knees. I couldn’t see clearly out my left eye for a few moments there. Never before I had I felt so much hate from him. Sure he’d done this many times, but he’d never been so heartless. Maybe it was the booze…

That night was one of the harder ones that would make one not want to talk about it no matter what they were offered. I’ll just say that I ended up with a few more bruises the next day. I was also told that the amount that I’d acquired hadn’t been enough.


Apparently today, I had to try harder.

It was the same area that I had been in yesterday but I had arrived earlier due to the time it took to get back home. I only hoped that I’d get lucky again and someone rich would come.

It had taken a painfully long time until someone did come. The sky was bright again and I must’ve fallen asleep again because I don’t remember seeing the sky get brighter as the minutes went by.




The person that I had cornered, noticed my presence and had drawn a knife like mine, only much more finely and probably made of silver.

I wanted it.

Maybe I could sneak this one by my father if I had him distracted by the cash. I never even thought about this person as both deadly and rich. It was like they where getting some sort of training to deal with people like me. I had drawn my own weapon on corned then in some more, hoping to let the fear sink in some more before I lunged at them. They proved to be a difficult opponent as I had came out of that fight with a badly scraped up wrist and numerous blade wounds all over me. I had claimed their treasure after they had succumbed to fatigue and fell unconscious onto the cement. Those very same noises came again and I had to move quickly. I managed to snag a larger amount than the other day. I had gone over the amount that I had stolen the other day from that individual target. A mere sixty dollars wasn’t enough to please anyone, it seemed. I knew I had to do better than that if I valued my life. Then again, I really didn’t, so what was I fighting for?

It had taken me the whole day to come up with nearly three times the amount that I had scored yesterday. The only problem was that it hadn’t been easy and I was too tired to walk another step. I decided to rest a bit, but never let my eyes close because I had to keep track of time and not let it slip away again.

It turned out that I had stayed put for nearly thirty minutes until I felt I could walk again. Even though I had barely managed to creep back home, it had paid off somewhat. He wasn’t even as drunk as he’d been that other night.

The menacing look in his eyes never faltered though.

“So, wench. Did I make the mistake of giving you another chance?” He asked.

I quickly showed him the money I had stolen from a number of people today. He seemed impressed, if anything. I was really hard to tell what he was thinking, but then again, I really don’t want to know.

He started off with something that sounded like a deep chuckle but ended in a cough, that grin had returned but had meaning to it now.

“I must say, you’ve really done it. And I thought you’d run away! And look at this,” He pulled out a bill that had blood splattered all over it, “How’d you know I liked Blood Money?” He asked sarcastically.

I was truly starting to fear him now; he just wasn’t making sense to me anymore. He’d known that I had worked hard for that money and it was my blood that had marked a few of the notes up. It was sickening to think this pleased him.

He stuffed that newfound loot into his pockets and stared at me again.

He was serious now, “Not that I appreciate that you’re working this hard to please me, but I’ll have to work ‘ye for a bit longer, eh? Not nearly the amount you nabbed today…let’s say…around a hundred’ll do, eh? For each day you missed, just to get your ass back in line…’Kay?” He offered.





No. IT wasn’t okay. I had been on full blast for the last few days, wearing myself down for this guy and this is what he has to say. Not that I expected a nice “Thank-You” or anything, but I just wasn’t sure if I could do any more.

“Rest up, wench. Don’t think I’m through with you yet!” He stormed off.

I wasn’t able to sleep very well that night due to the fact that I’d be doing this for a long time and he’d never be satisfied. I’d managed to wrap up my injured wrist, but the other wounds would have to heal by themselves. We only had so many adhesive medical strips. In other words, it had been a restless night.

The End

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