I had only been able to walk out of the room when I started to feel faint again. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk outside. I remembered Taylor behind me and turned to face him; he clearly looked upset.

“Could you drive me somewhere?” I asked.

It took him a while to answer.

“Yeah, alright…” That painful tone still lingered.

We both knew that he didn’t have to help me, but he did for some reason. He was a really nice guy and I regretted leaving him, but I knew I couldn’t stay.

A few hours later after he had dropped me off and said nothing more than a pretty sad, “Sorry and good-bye” I still felt as though he would call me Brinne again.

Well, that had been my attempt at a better life and I blew it because I was a sucker for the truth and I couldn’t bear to live on lies.


I sat there for hours and I considered going home, but I knew that I couldn’t walk that far. This means that I had to stay out here for the night. I had done this so many times that I wasn’t afraid of the people that passed by me when I slept. I had nothing for them to steal. I couldn’t sleep here though because I just felt too restless right now.

When I stood up, everything ached and I wasn’t even sure if I could make it across the street.

 That was then some dumb trick of fate nailed me again.

I didn’t see that damn car coming.




It seems that every time I manage to somewhat enjoy myself; I end up getting punished for it. I don’t remember feeling the impact. All I know is that the wind was knocked out of me and I was thrown a good distance.

The people in the car never did stop; they never do.

As I heard their damned car drive off in the night, I didn’t imagine that things would get any worse until I heard the sound of rain hit the ground. It later had turned into freezing rain.

I don’t ever remember feeling cold.

The only thing that bothered me was that I was on the side of the road, probably in someone’s way. I remember tasting blood in my mouth.

I don’t think I looked too good and seeing all of this redness around me only made me panic. I could hear people going by; a few of them purposely kicked me. It wasn’t like I could get out of their way.

I found out that struggling to get up only made the pain worse and I wasn’t able to move at all. I knew that I’ve been hit by a car a few times, but never this bad.

The whole damn thing had become so overwhelming that I had passed out again. I knew that I shouldn’t have done this because I might not wake up. It was cold enough to turn the rain to ice and even though I couldn’t feel it, I knew that this could be a bit of hypothermia coming on. I fought to stay awake but I couldn’t pull through long enough for this feeling to wash over. I felt someone kick me again before I drifted off and not even that drove me out the spell I was having. There was no way out and I was trapped in darkness again.


When I woke up, (again) I found that where I was a bit warmer before I even opened my eyes. My breath caught in my lungs when I realized where I was.

I started to feel cold as I recognized the musty smell of my room.



If I was in a panic before, I was such a wreck now that I couldn’t even think. When I tried to move, my mind started to spin. All the pain came back when my body realized that I was awake.

The damp smell filled my mind as the stress took over me. Those dark blotches in my vision were coming back. I didn’t want to pass out again because I felt awkward from not moving for a long time. Exactly how long had I been asleep for? I felt dizzy and even though it felt like only a few hours, I knew that I was out for days.

After giving myself a few moments to catch up with what was happening, I was able to make out what was around me.

Nothing had changed.






Things seemed to be right where I remembered them to be. I only wished that I could make sense of why I was here. Surprisingly, I was starting to feel better, but I wondered if this was a trick to catch me off-guard and I’d be knocked out again. I tried to sit up without straining myself too much and I was able to stay like this without falling down.

Everything seemed so silent that it felt like time had stood still. That was until I heard a familiar clicking noise and something cold against my head. I didn’t look at it’s source. I already knew where it had come from.

I knew that I should watch my language because someone had once said that life’s little crossroads are solved as simple as a pull of a trigger. I seriously didn’t think I’d come this close to finding the meaning…

I raised my hands in a form of surrender; I couldn’t run away or fight him off this time. He had me.

“Been a while, bitch…” He growled.

“Where’s my loot? You’ve been runnin’ from me again, haven’t you?” An ominous echo could be heard in his voice, “You can’t run this time, eh? Heard you got nailed good…so you can’t get away this time. You also owe me an ass load of cash as well! Something tells me you don’t have it?” He clicked the gun again.

Of course I didn’t have it, there was no way I could’ve stole that much in that amount of time. So I had run from this and only hoped that he wouldn’t catch me. He suddenly got my attention when he focused the barrel of the gun at my jaw and began to shout orders.

“Speak, or so god help me, I’ll-”

“No, I don’t have it.” I cut him off.

I could see his patience wearing thin; I couldn’t even look in his eyes anymore. I wasn’t as afraid as I thought I’d be. He snorted and stood up, the weapon still trained at the side of my face.

“’Cause I’m in a good mood, I’ll spare you…for now! Get me the loot by within the next few days or I’ll hunt you down again! Then you’d be over, got it, wench?” He scourged.

I didn’t care if I got the money or not, it would give me time to get away. He knew what I was thinking and shoved the weapon under my ear and I heard him load it. We both knew he couldn’t kill me yet.

“Don’t even think about runnin’ this time!” He threatened.

He snorted once more and stomped upstairs. I couldn’t even loosen up when he wasn’t in the same room as me. I had to take my mind off of this whole thing. Beside me, on the old nightstand, there were photos of my family and friends. I didn’t recognize most of them after the first glimpse, but most of them came back to me after dwelling in the past for a bit. This wasn’t too much of a pleasant experience either.

I found out that he’d managed to make me sit up out of sheer fear of him. I sank back down and tried to fall asleep despite that rank smell that always lingered here.


The End

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