Gamer's Room

Note: She is a vampire and has been alive a long time and doesn't need to spend money on food and lives in an old abandoned church, so no rent or mortgage :)

     "Wow..." I look at Cailin, puzzled. "You sure you're a chick?" I raise my eyebrows as he looks around my livingroom in awe.

     "You wanna check? Yes, I'm a girl. Why?" He sits on one of my state-of-the-art, black-leather, gaming chairs and looks around at the eight flat-screen HD T.V.s, each hooked up to a different gaming system. The shelves on the back wall covered in every game known to man, ordered by system, which is ordered by year released and then alphabetically, starting with Nintendo 64 going to the PS3. In the corner there is a set of clear, plastic drawers holding each kind of Nintendo DS, and a PSP, and all their games. On the walls, standing about two-feet tall, is a shelving unit that wraps around three of the four walls of the 14x10 foot room. On top hold each system, and under it holds nearly every movie created, ranging from Blue-Ray DVD to VHS.

     "Look at this" I lead him over to a door on the back wall, opposite the DS/PSP stuff, a door leads out to a back patio, encased in glass, where my office is.

     The desk for my Alienware laptop, and my wireless router, sits across from my desktop Alienware and 32" monitor. Next to which is another set of clear-plastic drawers, holding every computer game ever worthy of having, excluding the Collector's Edition World of Warcraft game, and expansions, which sits ontop. A small wooden table, that matches the dark mahogany wood of my desks, holds my printer/scanner. I smile and giggle as Cailin's jaw hangs openin astonishmant. I lead him back into the main room and I stand next to the XBox360.

     "Observe." I reach out and place my hand on the wall to the left of the T.V. I press gently and a hidden compartment opens, revealing four controllers, charging cords and two TurtleBeach headsets.

     "Holy crap..." Cailin sits down, staring at me as I shut the wall.

     "Whattya wanna play first?"

The End

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