Game shame

A middle-aged woman gave me the eye
while I was engrossed playing a game
the thought of grown man on his cell playing
must have been driving her quite insane!

"How could you, sir", she incredulously asked
"consider this violent game a pastime?"
"Is this the example you want to set?"
"This behavior, you please define!"

"It's just a game!" I protested meekly
"I only play it to unwind"
"I house no nefarious intentions"
"Nor bear any ill will towards my kind"

"Come now, Sir" she laughed out aloud
"You were killing people with guns"
"You say this wasn't intentional"
"But you face registered the fun"

I tried in vain to convince her, but
that the game was about the undead
the people weren't real, could never feel
and no real blood had been shed

She stomped her foot in anger
then kicked me hard on my shins
I was left hopping in embarrassment
while my phone was sent flying!

It landed on the hard pavement
and then promptly split in two
The lady had done more damage
than this game could ever do!

The End

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