the van suddenly stops

"What the hell!" shouts Jason, just as a body slammed into the windshield with a sickening thud.staunching the blood that seeps from a gash in his forehead. 

 The girls screamed, clamoring to the back of the van, jumping on the boys. The body appeared to have swung down out of a tree above the van, bleeding all over the window, staring at them with desperate eyes.

"Evan Allred! It's Evan!" shouted Danny, as he recognized who it was. Just then, the injured body's hand clawed at the window, pleading for help. Evan was a one of their friends but he had been a jerk lately, mad that Brian had stolen his girlfriend, Jen, so they hadn't been hanging out with him the last few weeks. Jason and Danny jumped out of the van to pull Evan off the hood of the van.

"Aah!" screamed Jason, pierced with an arrow that ripped through his upper arm. Everyone stared in disbelief. There was a note tied to the arrow.

The End

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