Game of Fear


6 friends hopped in the old van, music throbbing inside as they drove out to the cabin on the lake. It was just getting dark and there was a low misty fog rolling in over the green hills. It was going to a be a perfect night for a bonfire down on the beach, and maybe a late night swim. Danny was driving, laughing and weaving along the old  dirt road while Jenn, his girlfriend tried to change the Cd he was singing to. She hated rap and was grabbing at the buttons, trying to change it to Katie Perry, something fun and upbeat to get them all in a fun mood. Rachel and Sandra were squealing in the back because Jason and Brian, who had been digging around in the ice chest, were chucking  cubes at them, trying to get them to land down the from of their bikini tops.

"Stop!" Don't you jerk! Rachel yelled as she let out a little scream when one of the stray cubes hit its mark.

Suddenly the van made a violent jerk and everyone slammed hard into the right side.

The End

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