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(6) Allrighty then! You’ll show those ass-fucking lentils now. You are determined, full of determinative decision(??) to fight! having hope (no matter how small) brighten your path of glory. The Lentils, savage, brutal and misanthropic, appeared to be man-eaters.

Suddenly, your cellphone rings.

You pick up. It was Bob, the old buddy from old times (???)

Lentils fall upon you. But you resist with might. You eat as many as you can. But eventually you get stuffed and cant eat anymore. You let yourself to them. You can see the skies open. It’s raining lentils. It’s the apocalypse. It’s time.

Ooh? It’s Bob the giant eating the lentils!

Bob, after eating all the lentils, threatens you with his life if you don’t give him a blowjob.

The End

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