If you want to continue go to (5) where Destiny will tell you what to do to expiate.Mature

(5) Oh Destiny! What must I do to expiate myself in the eyes of Mortals and Gods?

-You must perform an invocation to Chaos.

-Ah, how do I do that?

-you just do the invocation.

While you had an awkward moment scratching your crotch, an anvil of Destiny falls on your head to remind you its not time for improprieties. You have an epiphany and you decide. To apologize to the sink. Destiny tells you, you made the right choice and you return to (2). There, you ask from the sink to forgive you. It pretends to forgive you but as soon as you turn your back, the sink summons the barbarian hordes of the unholy lentil.

The End

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