Into the ShipMature

Raziel couldn't help but grin as the alarm sounded. A few seconds later, the room felt a static jolt as the old door opened. A young girl emerged, barefoot, into the corridor. Raziel stayed motionless in the shadows.

This one's cute, he thought to himself. It's a shame that she's being released.

The sight of this woman, her small, ferocious frame, brought up old feelings in Raziel. It'd been years since his time with Ebe, but he could still smell the salt trees and bitter roses of Centurion.

And to think that I've been reduced to this. A cold killer, working off the atmo of Galgothica, barely remembering how to find home on a map.

The thin girl dropped something into a pocket, pressed herself up against a corridor wall, and took to the anxious process of trying to discern her next direction of movement. All Razial saw was his dead Ebe, sprung back to life in this new woman's form.

As Cassy started to cross the hall, Razial felt something thick and heavy forming at the edges of his eyes.

Oh, no. Not again. I don't want to go through this again.

He didn't dare move to wipe it away - not with his quarry still so close.

It took every once of strength Razial had to wait for the girl to round the corner, before wiping away the blood pooling in his eyes.

The End

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