The Trouble With GlitchesMature

Cassy had never yet met a Merc that she couldn't outsmart. 

These guys were either unbeliveably cunning and devious, or unbelievably childish.  The shoelaces could have been left there just to mock her, or maybe to draw her out further into the room.  She envisioned walking towards her abandoned laces, and suddenly having a laser-net snap shut around her, and quarterise her into hundreds of tiny pieces. 

They would have to pretty sick to find that funny though . . . oh yeah, they're Mercs. 

Of course, it was always possible that the laces had simply been discarded.  But, eighteen-hole military style boots were pretty uselss without their laces.

Fuck it.

She looked directly at the camera, and walked forwards. 

The camera made a small whirring sound, as it turned and followed her movements.

Bending down, she snatched her laces up from the floor, and then raised her eyes back up to the staring lense.  A yellow light blinked from the camera, but it remained pointed directly at her.

"I think you dropped something!" she yelled to the empty room, waving the laces above her head.

The yellow light continued to blink on and off, as if patiently waiting for her next move.

"Well, if you were hoping that I was going to hang myself with these, then I'm afraid that I will have to disappoint you."

Stuffing her laces into the side pocket of her black combat trousers, Cassy let her gaze wander over the extremely sparse room.

It was not much bigger than the rather shabby holding cell she had recently vacated, but it had one thing that the previous room did not.  A door that she could actually see.

Next to the door was a really old looking control panel.  Clearly this was not the most high-tech of ships, but that made no difference.  When it came to opening things that other people wanted to keep locked, Cassy was the elite master.  And the great thing about old technology, was that it was full of glitches.  She could be out of this room in ten seconds flat.

If I had something to hack it with . . .

Taking her shoes could have been a precautionary measure, as a good thief always kept their tools hidden.  But hiding something in her shoes was have been pretty obvious.

Cassy shuddered to think about where the Mercs might have searched her for hidden items.  A scaulding shower with a wire brush was definitely in order.  Unfortuantely for them, they had overlooked the incredibly useful piece of metal inside her mouth.

There is still the problem of the eye in the sky though.

She clicked her tongue-bar against the back of her teeth, and pondered the situation further.  She could disable the camera, as easily as she could hack the coded lock on the door, but the problem was doing it without being spotted. 

The point of a camera, was to keep a beady eye on something that you couldn't watch from close quarters.  So, theoretically, she could have that door open in less time than it would take for anyone to get here and stop her.

God, I love ideas that work in theory.

This wasn't the best plan ever, but it was a plan none the less, so Cassy turned her back on the camera and reached inside her mouth.  She unscrewed the ball at one end of the bar, and slid the piece of metal out of her tongue.  She thought about trying to be subtle, but opted for speed instead, and marched straight over to the locked door.

The familiar whirring sound of the camera followed her, but stopped abruptly before she reached the door.

Looking over her shoulder, Cassy almost burst out laughing.  The camera must not have been on a full three-sixty rotation bracket, as it had only been able to turn so far.  And she was just that little bit further.

Stupid Mercs.  If they spend less money on star-dust and whores, and more on their ships, they might really get somewhere.

She jabbed the small bar in between two of the buttons on the coded lock, and felt around for the catch of a wire.  These old style punch-button locks were so easy to hack, that a child could do it.  You literally only had to break one wire in the circuit, and the whole thing would fuse out and release the lock.  Of couse, there was always the danger of getting a small electric shock in the process.  These things never really used to be built with safety in mind.

A ha!

Cassy hooked a wire under the bar and snapped it out.  A small shock did jolt up her arm, but she had felt worse.  The real problem here was the the door didn't realease.  It was probably just a glitch though, so she slammed the palm of her hand into the panel.  Something in the internal circuitry crackled for a second, and then the door opened.

Almost immediately, the ear-piercing sound of a siren filled the air.

Oh crap!

That's the problem with glitches, they sometimes have unpredictable side-effects.

Wasting no more time, Cassy darted through the door.

The End

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