The devastation that had been swiftly brought on by the arrival of the alien spacecraft took the squad’s nerves by storm and shook them violently. They couldn’t believe it. Of all the things to happen, aliens invade. At first it was hard to believe. Then it became impossible to believe. It was so sudden; there was no way they would have suspected this. Lt Harper couldn’t understand why they would attack, but it must have had something to do with Saturn and Mars. It did explain however why all contact with Mars had stopped when Saturn came hurtling towards Earth.

   The squad ran from the scene of the crash and down the street parallel to the NASA complex. The streets were deserted, the sounds of war echoing in every direction. There wasn’t a single building that wasn’t either destroyed or on fire. Dead lay everywhere, but strangely they were only soldiers. There wasn’t a single corpse that wasn’t in a military uniform. It didn’t make sense, if these aliens were invading Earth why didn’t they kill anyone they wanted. The only reason Lt Harper could think of was slavery. All of these thoughts came out as outburst of obviousness.

  “Oh my God, aliens!” He remarked.

  The squad continued to run down the street and came to a junction. An APC suddenly ricocheted around a corner at the end of the street. It slowed down and pulled up in front of them. A very pale soldier climbed out and turned to Captain Park.

  “Captain Park? You’re needed at the frontline sir.” The soldier said graciously. Before Captain Park could respond, Lt Harper pushed his way forward.

  “Have you seen Dr Harper and two teenagers, a boy and a girl!?” Lt Harper asked desperately.

  “Sorry, no sir. They came out of nowhere, it all happened too fast.” The soldier replied remorsefully.

  Lt Curb gently put his arm around Lt Harper, pulled him back and comforted him. Captain Park turned to the soldier.

  “Where is the frontline?” He asked.

  “Fort Lauderdale. We’re actually behind enemy lines here; I just manage to sneak by them.” The soldier responded.

  “Fort Lauderdale?” Captain Park said surprised. He looked back at the others and then back at the soldier. “Okay, let’s move.” Captain Park continued authoritatively.

   The soldier wasted no time in climbing back into the APC and starting the engine. Clearly he didn’t like being behind enemy lines one bit. The squad piled into the APC and it took off down the street and onto the freeway.

  The APC sped down the freeway avoiding the burnt out husks of cars and tanks that littered the road. Lt Curb had mounted the gun; he kept it facing forwards while he looked around at the devastation. Captain Park sat in the passenger seat and Sgt Johnson and Lt Harper sat in the back.

  Lt Harper had his head against the window as he stared out of it. He couldn’t stop thinking about his family. But who could blame him, apart from his life they were all he had left.

  Sgt Johnson sat silently looking at his feet and Captain Park stared out the window but with more of a stern expression, not one of remorse and despair.

  “Only intelligent life in this part of the Galaxy, huh?” Captain Park muttered to himself.

  The words of Lucy Harper. They tore through Lt Harper like daggers. Lt Harper took his head off the window and rested it in his hands, looking down at the floor. He wanted to be oblivious to all of this. He felt like crawling into a hole and dying. He didn’t want to live in a world where his family may be dead and there were human-killing aliens everywhere. He put his right hand over his short brown hair and sighed. He relaxed slightly and sat up.

  So what are we dealing with?” Lt Harper asked the soldier.

  It took some time but the soldier eventually responded, scarred by the events he had seen.

  “Oh man, these guys …are…are evil, okay?” The soldier replied quivering at his memories of the attack.

  “Well I can see that!” Captain Park said fiercely at the soldier.

  “No, no. My best friend was pulled limb from limb right in front of me.” The soldier said, quivering even more at the memory of the death of his friend.

  Captain Park looked at the soldier then down at his feet, regretting what he had just said. He had no idea what the soldier had been through.

  “And my squad leader, he...he was...turned into chum, they shot him so much.” The soldier struggled to say. It was clear to anyone that the soldier did not want to relive any of his recent memories.

  Although he knew it was cruel, he needed more information. Lt Harper asked the soldier another question.

  “What do they look like?” He asked sympathetically.

  “Dunno, never saw their faces, but there’s more than one species. Some are our size, then others...are huge!” the soldier replied immediately. He wanted to get the questions over as quickly as possible.

  The APC pulled up at an outpost in Fort Lauderdale. So far the city had not received any damage, but that would soon change when the aliens arrived. Lt Harper looked around as he climbed out of the APC. There was no sign of his family. All he could see were wounded soldiers and refugee civilians. He looked back at the direction he had just come from. A wall of smoke billowed upwards. The aliens were destroying every town as they moved up the coast. They would soon be here. They had to prepare. Lt Harper knew that for the good of his fellow soldiers, the good of the civilians and for the good of humanity he needed to stop worrying about his family and fight.

  Captain Park climbed out of the APC and took a look around the city. It was deserted, cars were left in the streets, shops were open yet there was no one in them. Captain Park couldn’t believe it. He’d never seen Fort Lauderdale so empty before.

  A soldier made his way out of the desertion and walked up to the captain. “Captain Park? You’re needed at the command post, sir.” He said politely.

  Captain Park saluted the soldier and walked to a Mobile Command Unit. He walked up the steps to the entrance and stood in the doorway. “What’s the situation?” He asked the soldiers inside.

  Just as he finished speaking two ships appeared overhead, heralded by a sonic boom. One of the ships was massive, just over three miles long. Little did anyone realise, the huge ship was called the KAS Ravager, and it was the flagship of the Kallorian Empire. Even worse, was that onboard the vessel was the leader of the Kallorian Military, who has been described by some, as a soldier’s worst nightmare.

  Everyone looked up at the fleet that had just appeared overhead. Civilians that were still roaming the empty streets began to run for cover, soldiers began to shout orders and get into positions. The arrival of the fleet had caused pandemonium among the soldiers in Fort Lauderdale, but Lt Curb continued to stare at the fleet and noticed dozens of little dots started to leave the ships.

 Lt Curb looked towards Lt Harper. “We’re gonna need more ammo.”

The End

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