You spring form your feet, bursting through the metal door in front of you. The alarm continues to flash and blare its annoying sound. As you swear to yourself, yelling all sorts of vulgar words, a blood-curdling scream fills the air. You turn around and see a young cadet running towards you. Behind her is two marines, like yourself firing at a large insetoid like creature. It has two large sword like pincers, a reptilian head and sharp feet woth three elongated toes. It stares at the fighting marines with pure malice, hatred emnating out of its eyes, black as the barren depths of space. It moves with superhuman speed, its pincers gracefully moving and cutting. In seconds the marines ahve been cut down, their appendages sprawled on the gorund. The cadet falls down as she is running. The monster then lunges at her, mouth dripping with saliva.

"Please help me!" she yells to you. You are faced with three options... 

The End

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