Take out some targets. Fun.

5:40 Solsan

The heat of each round has been exhilirating your senses for about five minutes now though the thrill of super-heating and melting reformable plastic quickly wears off. You know in your mind that lusting for the smell of burning flesh over the smell of burning plastic may be considered sadistic and worrying, though your a soldier, that makes it okay, right?

    Regardless your time may come sooner than you think. A red light begins to flash and the unmistakable sound of an alarm begins to ring through the ship, bluntly informing all those on-board to panic. Despite the alarm you can't help but feel disappointed, it'll simply be yet another drill or crossed wire. Afterall, technology had failed us before and it'd fail us again. A passing cybernetics soldier passed you a stern look through the green light of his iris, you give back a specifically "human" stare, in an attempt to mock what he hasn't got. However that may have been a mistake and in seconds he's lifted you by the shirt and tossed you effortlessly toward a sealed blast door.

    Your visions fades in. The room is barren, too barren. The sound of the alarm has ceased though the red light still pulses across the walls. The alarm's obviously faulty, though the red light is still spinning casually...

"What does this mean?" you ask out loud, though you know very well what it means, you just wish you didn't.

"It's got to be...

The End

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