Galaxy Marine

Humans have colonized Mars in 2492 and have colonized 3 planets in the galaxy dubbed "Medea galaxy" In 2500. The planets Typhos, Chiron and Xenon have been made homes to over 20,000 settlers each. With these settlers comes an armed battalion of 10,000 men. These space marines have been deployed throughout the three planets and large asteroid outpost dubbed Solsan. You are LT. Terrance Raynor and this is your life.

5:00 outpost at Solsan.

You have just woken up, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. As your eyesight clears, you observe your present surroundings. A meium sized room, with titanium walls, a window and three beds, plus the one you are sleeping on. You look to your left and see your old buddy Jason Stars. A young man about your age, his blonde hair in a mess as usual. He is sprawled on his bed, snoring loud enough to drown out the engines of a ship. Beside him you see a A41 battle rifle, cartridges spread out on the floor. You also see a picture of a young woman with red hair and green eyes in about her 20's. You chuckle to yourself as you recall Jason rambling on about his woman, Nicole. You then turn to your right and see another man, about a year or two older than you. His hair his dark black and he has a long scar running down his right eye. A long, black rifle is balanced on the wall beside him. An M145 sniper rifle, with a large and impressive scop mounted on it. A closer glance tells you it is a DEAD I optical scope. Highly priced and useful. However you do not know his name. You then stand up and walk towards the metal wal in front of you. A small machine with a keyboard appears form the wall as you approach. It first scans your eye then your hand. It blinks green then opens.

5:30 Solsan

You walk out and turn left, towards the mess hall. As you walk through yet another door you are suddenly hit with a barrage of noise. All around you military personnel are present, eating, talking and playing cards. You go up to a large table, filled with all sorts of food. You grab a plate and fill it with some fruits, vegetables and your favourite a slice of ham. After finishing your glorious meal, you head towards the taget range. When you arrive you can do three things. One you can start target practice, waiting for Jason or your other roomate to arrive for practice. You can also start a chat with the small group of female privates, or you can skip practice and head straight towards the armory, where your friend Hephestaus can show you something. Something impressive nonetheless.

The End

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