Swirling streams of multi-coloured energies flowed around in the air above the cavern, shadow and light playing across the thousands of cloaked figures gathered below, their indistinct chanting filling the air that pulsed to the beat of their swaying. Hand in hand, they formed concentric circles, at their centre rose a large monolith, encircled by the first circle of ten.


Gingerly, three of the inner ten stepped inward. The pitch of the chanting building with every moment as the three slowly took up positions around the monolith, their arms rising firmly upward though their wrists were limp. The chanting became fevered as winds began to swirl around, violently tearing their hoods away from their heads and revealing the calm identical faces beneath them.


The streams of energy slowly sharpened and lengthened, taking on true forms as motes of light sparked into life around the three. The motes first dancing around in a lazy circle, at first, their pace quickening until they were a single tight band of energy. In unison, the three turned outward and placed their hands on the ring, a rainbow of colour flaring across its surface each of the three gently directing the flow of the colours.


As the three worked, spears of energy rained down from above threading through the bodies of the outer-most ring and carrying ghostly shapes away with them as they flew towards the top of the monolith, depositing them within a globe that was slowly spinning itself into existence out of the excess energy at the heart of the cavern.


Ring after ring fell, the spears of light falling like rain as they descended upon those gathered below until none stood but the inner-most ten, the globe now a solid sphere of light resting gently above the monolith. The inner three shattering the ring of energy surrounding them, their bodies instantly falling to the ground as their spirits remained standing flinging their hands out hurriedly, trying desperately to draw the shards of the ring towards them, forging spheres of light as they were slowly drawn inexorably towards the globe above. All too soon, they sunk into the globe, leaving behind the three spheres and the unclaimed shards, slowly orbiting the larger globe.


A figure steps forward, laying a gentle hand on the fallen body before them as the other lifted her hood unveiling a wild mane of long silver hair. Rising gracefully, she allowed her robe to simply slip from her until she stood tall and proud in the tightly fitted animal skins that were her only remaining clothing. Looking sadly at all of the fallen bodies behind her for a moment, her eyes turned towards the globe above resolutely. With a simple gesture, she drew a scythe from the air before her, pressing its base into the ground as another stepped forward.


Flipping his hood backward almost casually, the slender man ran his fingers through his scruffy brown hair, brushing it away from his sparkling green eyes. Smiling softly as he settles down between the standing woman and the fallen, his fingers strum the air for a moment before a simple wooden harp forms in his grip.


Casting his robe aside, a warrior strides forward confidently as flaming lines tracing their way over his scantily clad form, quickly forming into a suit of plate armour, brilliant red hair left to fall freely around his determined face. Drawing twin longswords from the air, he draws one around in a salute to the fallen before thrusting both into the ground before him, kneeling as he bowed his head.


One of the nearby robes fell, simply collapsing in on itself as if no one remained within it. A small cat darted out from within a small opening at the robes base. Perching beside the bard, it purred as he stopped his playing to scratch its head. As he resumed, the cat suddenly spread snow white wings shortly before melting into the body of a dove and finally raising into the shape of a young woman, her long blonde hair the only thing protecting whatever modesty she possessed, tilting her head upward as she drew a pair of claw-shaped daggers from within the earth.


Walking forward solemnly, one of the remaining three figures settled themselves down, lifting his hood before summoning a caduceus in the air, simply leaving it floating there while he focused his attention on the series of geometric symbols he was encircling himself with.  After multiple corrections, he finally seems satisfied with the design, calling the caduceus to him, cradling it in his lap as his eyes flutter closed, his long black hair falling across his tilted face.


Gently, the next figure lifts her hood, her pale white face surrounded by long brown locks of hair. Turning to the final figure, she holds her hand out with a soft smile as he removes his hood, freeing his long sandy blonde hair the frames the strong features of his sun-kissed face. Taking her hand, they stepped forward. She drew a slender silver rod from the air as he drew out a long golden staff. Coming to a halt before the monolith, they turned to each other, smiling happily as they embraced. Tears forming in their eyes as they shared a gentle kiss, only to break it a moment later, their hands separating.


Slowly, a faint glow stretched over the items each wielded. As the glowing strengthened, the seven remaining figures began to slump. Suddenly, spears shot down from above striking them one by one, in a moment the final figure saw his partner struck drown, the spear of light tearing through her body and ripping her spirit from her before all faded to black.

The End

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