A Blast From the Past

"What's a Manticore?"asked Ceres, her eyes focused on Phoebe.

"That!" Cypher said directing toword the beast. It snapped it jaws at Cypher's hand. He quickly recoiled just in the nick of time. It's tail had crimson red spikes jutting out of it from the dark fur. The fur ended at about two inches before the tip of the tail, which was in an arrowshape... still barbed heavily. It had black, veiny wings that shone in the faint beams of shimmering moonlight casted upon the floor from the open window. It was quite furry and ressembled much a lion. It's scarlet eyes blared impatiently. The Manticore's talons were sharp and fine as new knives, built for kill. It bared it's teeth and growled, advancing slowly. Cypher was terrified. He knew that if he tried Magick, the creature would just rip his hand to shreds and be done with him. What to do?

"What're we going to do?" Cypher whispered through gritted teeth.

"I think I wet my pants!" exclaimed Jason, embarassed at his remark.

"I've got an idea!" Murtaugh whispered. "Pass me a rock!"

Cypher held his hand over the stone floor. A kind of sucking force was created between his hand and the ground. A regular sized, oval stone flew up into his hand. The Manticore's eyed flashed angrily. Cypher rolled the stone to Murtaugh, who slowly picked it up. He held his hands behind his back, making signs and murmurring a charm. The ferocious creature noticed, and shot a spike at him. A blur of black and red zoomed in front of Murtaugh, knocking the spike to the floor.

"Thanks Aelus," said Murtaugh. He finished his spell and released the flow of Magick.

"Hey wait! I've been wondering. Where are Delphin and Rio?" asked Cypher.

Here! Look out side the window. Cypher heard Delphin's voice. He glanced over his shoulder to the window and saw them hovering there.

What are you guys doing? Cypher said in thought speech urgently.

Remember! We can't fit in there!

Oh, Cypher stared at the Manticore, and then looked away. At least be useful! Do something!

Alright! said Rio. Move aside!

Cypher sidestepped and glimpsed at Murtaugh. he was... shimmering! It looked like he was from an old TV show. But since this type of Manticore couldn't see in colour, the image didn't bug it. The creature growled at Cypher. There was a sound like howling from behind the Manticore. It whipped its head around and was clocked in the head by a rock. It stumbled backward, stunned by the blow. Suddenly a jet of blue flames burst from the window.

The End

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