Solution & Problem

"My... father?" Cypher asked softly.

"Yes, your father."

"I--" he stopped and looked at Sileus. His eyes dilated between Aelus, Phoebe, and Sileus.

"Go check on Phoebe." Aelus said.

Cypher walked over and joined Phoebe on the damp, stone floor. Murtaugh looked at him, smiling. He touched Phoebe's arm and inspected the gash that kept growing bigger. He looked up at Cypher again. Cypher gave Murtaugh an approving stare.

"Magickio healio!" he yelled. A mix of blue and green light poured from the air in a kind of nimbus, fluttering gently over the wound. It began to close up. But just as it did, it re-opened once more. Murtaugh gave up. "It's useless. It cannot be healed by spells."

Cypher stared at the arrow that rested on the wet stones. The tip was green. "That arrow was poisoned!"

Murtaugh looked at him, "What?"

"Look at the tip! It's green!"

Murtaugh glanced at the arrow on the ground. "Uh-oh."

Cypher pulled out his "Guide to Mythical Creatures" book and flipped through the pages.

"There's no time for reading!" said Jason angrily.

"You don't understand," Cypher turned back a page and turned the book to face the group. "Griffin spit mixed with Chimera poison,Unicorn blood and Dragon scales can heal her!" There were pictures of the four creatures on the two pages.

"Chimera poison? Poison?!" asked Jason. "Why the hell would we need to poison her with Ch--"

"The antidote must contain a source of the problem to be able to solve it." Aelus said.

"Right. And the poison is so powerful that we must use Unicorn blood." Murtaugh explained. "It's silvery and goopy. We'll need to carry it in somethin too."

"I know. Don't worry Phoebe. We'll help y--" there was a loud crash, and when they turned around...

"Is that a..."

"Yes. A Manticore." said Aelus.

The End

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