Unexpected Guests

Unexpected Guests

"Did you guys just see that?!" asked Cypher anxiously.

"See what?" asked Jason.

"There was a shadow that I just caught a glimpse of!"

"Let's worry about that later,okay" said Murtaugh.

They walked up one last short flight of stairs. A tall, barred door stood in front of the group, blocking their path.

"I don't have enough energy to cast another spell... I'm still recovering!" said Cypher regretfully.

"I'll take care of this," announced Jason proudly.

Raising both hands high into the air, Jason balled his fists, revealing the veins under his skin. Then, he rapidly lowered his hands from the air and opened them four feet away from the door. Green lightning sprouted from his fingertips and zipped toward the door, cutting through the still air, and buzzing faintly. The lightning struck down the door with an almighty crash and the buzzing in the air ceased. Phoebe was lain out on the floor, unconcious.

"Phoebe!" yelled Ceres.

"Can you sense her breathing?" Aelus asked Ceres.

Ceres stretched out her mind and touched Phoebe's concsciousness. She raked through her emotions. Distress. Pain. Helplessness. She then broke through the simple mind barriers leading out to works of her mind; to check if her brain was still going. Ceres found a steady, low pattern of breathing. She then retracted her own mind from Phoebe's, and said, "She's okay. She is stil breathing."

"Okay, that's a start. Now, let's wake her up. I feel a bad vibe," Cypher said. He turned his head and saw another dark blur. "Guys! Someone is watching us!"

"Chill! No one's following us!" yelled Jason looking around.

"No, Cypher's right." Murtaugh cut in.

Just as a figure dove into the room, it was knocked to the ground by a white tiger. Its bright blue eyes glinted in the faint, sallow gray light that beamed through a barred window. It roared proudly and barred its teeth. Phoebe was gone.

"Wait, if Phoebe isn't there, then... Phoebe!" Ceres smiled as she stared at the tiger. The group looked at the man under the tiger's grasp. But it wasn't a man, it was a Centaur with a knife in its hand. Phoebe knocked aside the knfe and drooled on the Centaur's face.

"Sileus?!" yelled Aelus.


"You little traitor! You..."

"What? What am I, Aelus?" he asked calmly.

"Cypher, you talk to him before I blow my last fuse with him please."

"How could you do this Sileus?" Cypher asked. "I thought we were friends."

"I lied to you! I'm in an alliance with Seniphos, as well as my whole race! You can hold me off, but you cannot escape me. My mission is to kill you!" he kicked his hooves and bucked off Phoebe. She slid across the floor and regained grip. She changed back and Cypher handed her the bow and arrows as Sileus rose from the ground. They both loaded their bows.

"Where'd that come from?!" Jason asked angrily pointing at Slieus's bow and his quiver of arrows.

No reply was given. Cypher snuck behind Slieus.

"Silly child! I can shoot you three times in your heart and pierce it perfectly before you even have a chance to strike me with rushing air from your arrow!" said Sileus. He pulled back the string and sneered. He was about to let the arrow go when he was tapped on the shoulder. Quickly, he let go of the string and looked behind him. The arrow hit Phoebe's arm. She collapsed. Everyone rushed to help her. No one was behind Sileus when he looked. He turned his head back again and was face to face with Cypher. Sileus pulled back the string.

"Don't even think about it. You never should've hurt Phoebe." he whispered with a raspy voice. He knocked the weapon out of Sileus's hand.

"Do you know what "sireth" means Sileus?" Cypher asked.

"It means 'ball of energy'. Why do you ask?"

"Watch. Sireth!" boomed Cypher. He stuck out his right hand out. Blue strands of energy swirled together into a neat ball of dancing energy. He thrust his hand out and the spell hit Sileus squarely in the chest. Sileus went flying through the air and crashed into the far wall. He wasn't moving.

"You realize what you just did?" Aelus asked Cypher.


"You just did your father's favorite spell."


"One more thing."


"It took him four years to do it once."

The End

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