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After meticulously discussing their pasts, Cypher and Murtaugh started talking about where Murtaugh had been.

“Well, um… I… was working for Seniphos,” he said reluctantly.

“What!” exclaimed Cypher, “I hope that’s Gaelean for ‘I wasn’t working for the evil lord who wants to send our homeland back in time until it perishes all together and who is tempted to kill his own brother!’”

“Well, I wish I could say my past has no flaws as a Rider, but I cannot. I hadn’t known that was Seniphos’s intent. Aye, alas, I did work for him but not after I realized what he was doing,” said Murtaugh unhappily.

Firstly, we must find Phoebe, said Delphin after observing the conversation undetectably, now is the time.

“Oh, the Shape-Shifter, not a problem. Except for the fact that I can’t use my Magick! Seniphos cursed me so that when I use one of the Necromancy Spells, I lose my power!”

“What’s a Rider? And where is Phoebe? Could I please get some answers in this predicament!” yelled Cypher crossly.       

“You’re a Rider and a Storyteller Cypher. A Rider is a Wizard or a Mage or even a Sorcerer who rides a dragon. My dragon’s name is Rio. When I call her, she’ll come. RIO!” explained Murtaugh excitedly.

                A large, beautiful dragon swooped out of the sky. She had a white belly, purple hands and feet and two black white-spotted horns on its head. It had purple hair spurting from its forehead to its gentle tail. She was blue and black. Her arrow tail had soft material sticking out that resembled another small set of wings. Her roar stirred the wavy water in the Daron Spring, and blew the flowers gracefully. She carefully landed beside Murtaugh and spoke in everyone’s mind.

Hello Rider and Storyteller Cypher, Lightning Wielder Jason and Telekinetic Ceres.

“I can wield lightning! Awesome!” exclaimed Jason.

“I’m a Telepath!” yelled Ceres.

“How do you know this Rio?” questioned Genesis.

By their personalities, of course! explained Rio.

“Great observation! I only knew by piecing together the names of the Great Beings’ Apprentices!”

Let us allow them to try their newfound abilities, I would like to see them. aid Rio.  

                And then it was done. Murtaugh and Cypher were practicing Magick, Jason was practicing Lightning and Ceres was learning her Telepathy. Jason and Ceres even got instructions to their powers.

Lightning Wielders

There are 5 different strengths of Lightning Wielding…

     Blue Lightning {Strongest}

     Purple Lightning

     Red Lightning

     Green lightning

     White Lightning{Weakest}


And there are many skills to master listed below…



And then there were the instructions for a Telepath like Ceres is.



You have the ability to:

     Control thoughts

     Control movement

     Read minds

     Move things with your mind

     Control emotions

     Find places/people with mind

And there are many more skills to grasp here…


All of them practiced until Cypher suggested a way to find Phoebe. “Ceres, have you learned how to find people with your mind yet?”

“I’m working on it!” she answered happily.

“Wherever she is, we could give her a sign to find us! I could shoot green Lightning into the sky!” exclaimed Jason.

“Good idea! Murtaugh and I could use our Magick to ensure our safety, just in case an unexpected visitor comes trotting without permission!” Cypher suggested.

A while later, Jason had mastered green and white Lightning; and Ceres had mastered the ability to find people with her mind. They were about to start their plans when Delphin and Rio zipped over Daron Spring and landed beside their Riders.

A Minotaur is coming to crash our party! exclaimed Rio quickly.

We were scoping the area and saw it dragging a sharp blade of steel! Delphin continued.

“So early? How did it figure out where we are? It’s impossible!” asked Cypher.

“Actually, it’s very possible. The minotaur must be with Seniphos.” said Roran. “Rio, Delphin, was the Minotaur by any chance dragging a body?”

Yes, in his left hand. answered Rio.

“The Minotaur must have mugged a Seer and then forced it to find us!” exclaimed Murtaugh regretfully.

“What’s a Seer? Some kind of fortune-teller type of thing?” asked Jason.

That’s precisely what a Seer is! We need to work quickly, said Delphin.

Ceres closed her eyes and chanted under her breath. “Find Phoebe…” she mumbled. Her eyes shut and opened sleepily. They were glassy and shining in white. She was immobile. In her mind, she sprinted through passageways and forests and ran across rivers. A small faint figure appeared, and disintegrated. It came back again but bigger. And then it was huge, as if right in front of her… and that it was. A large, stone wall stretched on for miles and miles. She walked through it and was met by a large tower with faint writing that said Spatial Tower. She sprinted up, up, up to the very pinnacle of the tower. Bound by ropes, a dark figure lay on the ground. The figure turned its head. “Help… me,” it mumbled. Then, everything, the whole scene, shimmered and disappeared. She shot back, past the pathways that she had sprinted on, and came back to her mind. She opened her eyes with a start. “Spatial Tower,” she said quietly.

“Huh?” said Cypher.

“Spatial Tower, I’m sure of it! Phoebe is at the apex of Spatial Tower!”

“Did you communicate with her?” asked Murtaugh curiously.

“I…couldn’t, the Tower just disappeared.”

“Well, while you guys could devise another plan, don’t you think I’ll need help fighting the Minotaur that’s staring at me right now?!” yelled Jason crossly.

“Whoa! Guys, come on!” Cypher yelled as he ran beside Jason.

“He’s not the only one who can charge!” exclaimed Jason.

                Soon, everyone had joined them; Rio, Delphin, Murtaugh, Ceres and even Genesis. “Lightning charge!” yelled Jason. He began to glow and his fingertips started to spark. He shot his hands out and yelled, “Thunderflash!” A green Lightning bolt blasted out of his fingertips. It zigzagged toward the monstrous Minotaur. The Thunderflash hit the Minotaur squarely in its chest, knocking it to the ground. It was stunned. Green slime oozed from a gash in its chest. It was wounded… but not for long. The wound started to close up again. When it was healed, the Minotaur jumped to its feet.

“How do we beat a regenerating Minotaur?!” asked Murtaugh angrily.

                Rio and Delphin crisscrossed at the Minotaur’s head. Fire spewed from Rio’s mouth and singed the monster’s hair, but nothing more than that. It wasn’t enough to defeat a creature such as a regenerating Minotaur. The Minotaur flailed its muscular arms and knocked Rio to the ground.

Rio! yelled Delphin.

“Rio no! You’ll pay for that one Minotaur!” screamed Murtaugh.

                Murtaugh rolled on the ground, picked up a stone and yelled, “Sandstorm!” Because of his determination to save Rio, he’d broken Seniphos’s curse. Sand began to brew and blow in the warm new breeze. Rocks and stones and compressed earth tossed in the horrible, heavy, newly-infused sandstorm. He thrust his hands outward, his palms facing the Minotaur. The breeze slowly began to change its course, blowing towards the mutant-like thing, startling it. The sandstorm blew the Minotaur backward with such immense force, that it might have knocked it out, but it didn’t. The sandstorm subsided.

“I’m not done with you!” Murtaugh yelled.

“Hey, it’s my turn!” said Cypher. “Blight of Light!

                 A white column of bright light erupted from the sky, spinning down toward the Minotaur, sparks jumping everywhere, swirling and whirling and dancing. The spell had worked. The Minotaur was blind. It threw its arms into the air and started to yelp. It growled and decided it would no longer take it. It had been charmed by Seniphos. Everyone already knew that from the start but now it was in plain sight. They knew because it was using one spell over and over: ‘Magickio healio!’ which was the healing spell. But they didn’t know it could do this. The monster spun, and spun, and spun. The air around it sucked inward, spinning around the sword. The Seer, who was on the ground stirred, and rolled over.

“I’ll manipulate her dream to wake her up, and get her away from it. She could be a lot of help for us,” Cypher said.

“Cypher, that’s a Gaelic spell, which means it’s in Gaelean Language!” Murtaugh roared.

“I… can do this… alone,” stuttered Cypher. “Draumr voïe!”

                He entered her dream. The Seer was attempting to wake up, but only tossed and turned. It was dark as night; pitch black. Leaves rolled across the ancient world of Gaelea, not even making the slightest sound. Until they froze. They just, froze in time, rolled backwards, and turned a deep shade of dull gray. Water drip-dropped in the cool, dark night, and never reached the ground. Streams flowed backward, and then came to a halt, plunged into grayness. The birds were stuck in time too; frozen in the middle of their songs. Lightning crackled and thunder flashed but lost their ‘dangerous’ title because it never fully struck. A lightning bolt would zip from the sky, and then freeze. Then, nothing moved. Frozen in an endless period of time, plunged into eternal gray world was the world of Gaelea. Anew was a new world, a world of gray haze, a place of mournfulness, a place of sorrow… and no amount of beckoning could begin to change the haze of time; endless time. Albeit the fact that he and the Seer were still alive, the trees didn’t blow over, the wind didn’t howl, the sun never shone… and new life never flourished. As the mourning Seer watched all this happen, Cypher grabbed her. He could no longer take it. Time had finally come to a standstill, all because of Seniphos. This was a futuristic world; a world foreseen, a world uninhabited, a world of unfathomable, enigmatic purpose. No life, no water, no wind, no nothing.

He was returning them to the real world.

Draumr enïo!” he yelled.

                The world shot back at them at two-hundred miles per hour, strips of reality reforming into their natural entwinement of webs of life in truthful, real, Gaelea. Cypher appeared right in front of the Minotaur. He then did the first the thing that came to mind: punch it.

                Its sword whirled through the air, spinning, and light glinting off its surface. Cypher quickly leaped into the air and grabbed the sword. On the handle, it said: Zeloth. Cypher took the sword and thrust it into the Minotaur’s gut, spun and yelled, “Fraiha sòno!” A burning snare of flames snaked toward the Minotaur’s back. It yelped and roared as the flames burnt its back. “Aisa, nosu beya,” he said. Although he hadn’t realized it, Cypher had been using the Ancient Gaelean speech for spells and for what he’d just said. He’d just said “Kneel, monstrous beast” in Gaelean. The monster dropped to its knees. Genesis stepped forward.

Sagöa,” she spoke in Gaelean. She had just said ‘die’ in Gaelic tongue, which Cypher knew because of his background. The Minotaur collapsed, and its eyes shut. An outline of blue flickered around the dead Minotaur, rustling its fur. The figure of the Minotaur shimmered, and vanished. She stood there for a while, they all did. Twilight reached its peak as glimmering stars shone in the night sky, cutting through the sleepy haze that blew through and stayed in the air, spreading heavily. The stars speckled the dark sky like polka dots on a quilt, here and there and everywhere. The Seer stood up from the ground and thanked everyone. She then handed Ceres a blue crystal and a belt.

“This is the Belt of Therios. If you feel a tug in your mind, you’re approaching another crystal. There are 5 crystals of Therios; each one has a different power. Future-seeing; earth; air; water and fire. This one is the one that’ll allow you to see the future,” said the Seer. “I shall reward you all.”

                She handed Cypher an ancient Gaelean spell book written in Gaelic and a scepter with a jewel on the end. She gave Murtaugh the sword that said ‘Zeloth’ on the hilt. The hilt had a precious stone in it as well. She gave Jason a spear and a helm. The Seer froze.

“Give this to the one at Spatial Tower.”

                She handed over a bow and arrow to Cypher and smiled merrily. Then, she turned away from them and headed into the fog of Daron River. Cypher looked at his feet and saw a stone tablet. He tucked the spell book in his bag, and yelled out, hoping the Seer would hear him.

“Hey! Hey you forgot something!”

                No answer came. She was gone for good. He placed it on a rock and went over to his bag. He rummaged through it, looking for something. But it wasn’t there. It was nowhere to be found. The Seer had given them something useful, but in return, she had taken something.

She had taken …the pen.

The End

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