Protector of Daron Spring

v               The Protector of Daron Spring

               It was 7:00 in the morning and Phoebe, Jason and Ceres had slept over. The golden beams of the sunlit sky shone through the glass window as Cypher tried to wake his friends up. They didn’t even stir. He tried shaking them violently, yelling their names, everything! This would be a good time to try some Beginner Magick. Say ‘Wake up!’ in your mind. Beginner Magick is simple, but useful. Delphin spoke.

Wake up, Cypher said in his mind. Jason rolled over, but that was the only reaction. Cypher tried again, but this time irresolutely, as if speaking to a small animal. Wake up, he said once more. Ceres, Jason and Phoebe all tossed in their sleep until one by one, their eyes fluttered open gently. They all got dressed while talking about their trip to the ‘magical’ land of Gaelea.

“Guys, it’s not even going to be as magical as you think! Seniphos is going to try to control the Gaelean Empire for his own dark purposes! My dad is still recovering from his huge cataclysmic battle with Seniphos. If we don’t stop Seniphos…my homeland will die. And then, I’ll fade…” said Cypher fearfully.

“Hey, Cyph, (that was his nickname) we’ll help you out! We won’t let that dude touch you!” Phoebe said with a smile.

                Cypher still had to force a smile. He still couldn’t be sure the journey would be absolutely safe. But at the thought of Althus, he couldn’t help but get excited. He was about to close his packed bag when it zipped shut. His powers were settling in nicely, but he did not yet have full control over them. Cypher swung his bag over his back and helped Jason finish packing his bag. Jason had crammed as much food as he could into his bag as if preparing for a life trip. He was trying to stuff a Playstation 3 into his bag as well when Cypher walked over.

“When are we going to use that?!”     

“Anytime we get bored! Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but still! We can hook it up at the hotel we stay at,” replied Jason happily.

                Cypher gathered up all of his stuff and the four of them set outside. They weren’t staying at a hotel! It was a life changing trip and Jason wanted to bring a Playstation! Cypher called Delphin out from the clouds. It would be a smooth sailing trip today. It was bright and sunny outside and warmth covered Cypher. He was wondering where Gaelea even was. As Delphin landed on the ground, he asked that question. Delphin didn’t answer Cypher’s question. It must not have been in a good place, because the brightness on Delphin’s face faded slowly as he asked it. Cypher jumped onto Delphin’s back. The others looked really jumpy and scared. They weren’t moving at all, they all just seemed petrified to the core of their frightened bodies. Cypher then remembered what it had been like for him when he had first flown on the dragon’s back. Dreadful. He tried to improvise as best he could, but they were frozen. How would they ever get to Gaelea?

Use a Weight Spell on them when they’re on my back, said Delphin, and say ‘Gravity, strengthen!

                Suddenly, Delphin launched himself forward and swept the three petrified children onto his back. Jason obviously didn’t want to stay because he and Phoebe attempted to jump of the dragon’s back when Cypher said “Gravity, strengthen!” He felt an invisible force push on his back until there was no possibility of him falling off because he was so attached to the dragon. Jason and Phoebe and Ceres were all safe on Delphin’s back as well.

“Why’d you guys try to get away?” Cypher asked.

“I don’t know. I felt stranger than I can describe. It was as if someone were controlling me,” said Phoebe with a puzzled look.

“Same thing happened to me too! I don’t know what it was, but I felt like I was a puppet with strings,” explained Jason. It was Seniphos! He already knew they were on their way to Gaelea! They would have to rest for a while to get Seniphos off their trail. This was bad…very bad! What could they do?!

                After flying for about 2 long hours, Delphin broke the silence, but this time spoke in all their minds. There it is Cypher! We’re finally here. No one saw anything but a long rock path below them that stretched for many more miles than could be seen without squinting. Get ready you four!

                The area in the air in front of them rippled. Waves quickly shot out from the center of the rift in space. It was as if there was invisible water suspended in midair. There was light shining from the hole that had opened up from the rift. Delphin sped right towards it and sped up a bit. Gradually, he picked up more speed until they were right in front of the suspended fissure. As they passed through it, they were no longer in the New York area. Lightning bolts flashed all around them for a split second in a dark area, and then they were there. They had finally reached the coast of Gaelea. It was beautiful as ever imagined. “To Gaelea!” yelled Cypher, “To Gaelea!”

Once they’d reached a good spot under a large, shady tree on the coast of the Daron Spring, they rested. The four of them insisted on hiding Delphin in a deserted cave to keep him under cover, but he explained no one would go near them. Cypher was about to ask why no one would go over there but stopped in the middle of his sentence. The spring’s water rippled outward from its center. Cypher, Phoebe, Ceres and Jason all stared at the lone figure that had risen from the spring’s waters. It was a tall woman in a beautiful, long blue dress that flowed like the water itself. She wore a crown of flowers atop her head. Her hair was down and she had gazing purple eyes. As she climbed out of the rolling water of Daron Spring, she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, a glass of wine just materialized out of the thin air. It flew through the air and landed in her hand carefully.

“I’m Genesis, the Protector of Daron Spring and all of its healing powers. I created the portal that leads from here to the world beyond. But of course Delphin would know that already,” the Nymph said.

It’s very wonderful to see you again Genesis. How has Gaelea been doing for the past months I’ve been gone? Delphin asked cheerfully.

“Oh, Delphin, it hasn’t been very good. Not to be the bearer of bad news but, it has in fact been getting worse every day, what with Seniphos attacking, and Seryoran missing. Althus is still recovering in the Gaelic Tower. As soon as he gets out of the Tower, groups of Minotaur and the minion solders of Seniphos will ambush him. At the moment, they are blocked out from a Charm-lock spell. But right now… we’re powerless,” Genesis explained solemnly.

Well, this is Althus’s son, Cypher, Delphin pointed to Cypher with his claw. We’re journeying to gather the fragments of the Counter Spell. We must save the land of Gaelea!

“Who are those three? They look human when I look at them, but they couldn’t be,” Genesis gestured to Ceres, Phoebe and Jason.

“We can’t make Magick or… write the future like Cypher can. We’re just ordinary, mortal, humans,” Jason said grinning.

“Ah, Cypher is the new Chosen One. Then I shall teach him some Wizardry until Seryoran returns from Krypteon! And you three… Jason, Ceres and Phoebe! (she read their minds) You all must have powers! Only Gaeleans may pass the barrier of time from the further world.” Genesis explained.

“That’s not possible! There haven’t been any signs like Cypher!” said Phoebe crossly.

“Just because you haven’t recognized the signs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They were just less evident,” said Genesis optimistically. “Not all signs are plain as the nose on your face.”

“Well then, how can we ‘control’ these unseen powers?” mocked Jason.

“Yeah, we’ve never seen them or tried them,” said Ceres.

“Well, Ceres,” she said openly, “that is why I made the tests. They are courses that will identify your powers.”

                A half hour later, Genesis took them across the Daron Spring and walked behind a large lone tree. She turned and faced the tree. “Tests please,” she told the tree. As Cypher was about to ask Genesis if she was crazy, talking to a tree, he thought he himself was mad. The tree shook, spun around rapidly, and then opened up. Literally. A gap just opened in the middle of the tree. Genesis stepped in and came out with three sheets of paper. Cypher was worrying about having to do schoolwork in Gaelea. Genesis passed the papers around to the four stunned children. Jason looked at the paper in disgust.

“Now I shall prepare the actual tests. Those are just the grading sheets,” laughed Genesis.

After a short wait, Genesis walked back to meet Jason, Cypher, Phoebe and Ceres. “Ready?” she asked them, seriously.

“Never more,” replied Cypher. He couldn’t help but see her faintly smile. The smile reminded him of someone. Someone memorable and close. Someone…like his mother.

The End

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