Secrets Told

v                        Secrets

            When Jason, Ceres, and Phoebe got to his house he explained to them what had happened. He told them of his jacket, the sentence, and the pen.

“Hold on,” interrupted Jason, “so as soon as you wrote the sentence, it started raining meteors.”


“Weird… I think you should try it again,” said Jason.

“Well I think you’re nuts!” Cypher boomed, “If you want to do it so much why don’t you?”

                But Cypher knew that if Jason tried, it wouldn’t work. In fact, if anyone else but him tried, it wouldn’t work. Everyone else had their turns but sure enough, nothing happened.

“Still,” Phoebe explained, “I believe you.”

“All of us do,” said Ceres who had been silent since she got there, “we just need to see the instructions you wrote about to confirm completely that it’s for real.”

“She does have a point,” replied his best friend, Jason.

                Cypher walked to the door followed by his 3 best friends. They walked outside. Both the rain and the meteors had stopped. There was a huge fracture in the middle of the street where a meteor had hit. Cypher sensed an aura coming from the crevice. He was the first to walk over to it. It was about 7’ feet deep. He slid down the side of it. In the middle of the fissure lay a piece of paper. The words were written in some kind of code. He picked it up. It was scorched and burned around the edges. He climbed out of the crevice with the help of Jason. They looked at the strange, coded message. It looked like a jumble of random letters and numbers:

25; 15; 21 era… eht nesohC enO! 21; 19;5 eht ne rof 7;15; 15;4. Eht etaf fo 20; 8; 5; dlrow 9; 19; 9; 14; 25; 15;21;18 sdnah…

Jason was puzzled. Cypher wasn’t. He knew what it meant. The words were backwards and the numbers were the numbers for the alphabet. 26 was Z, 1 was a, so on and so forth. When he looked at it, he saw: You are… the Chosen One. Use the pen for good. The fate of the world is in your hands. There was a lot more than that. After decoding the whole message, he explained what it said to his friends. How he figured it out so quickly, he didn’t know. Because you are the Chosen One, a voice told him in his mind, you must use the blessing to your advantage. Before he could ask, the voice answered him. I am Delphin, the last known dragon on earth. I’ve helped all of the great, powerful Chosen Ones of the era.

Cypher was shocked. I wonder if anyone else can hear him. He thought to himself.

No one else can hear me but you Cypher, said Delphin, I speak only in your mind. When you think to yourself, I can hear you. That’s why whenever you need to talk to me, just think to me and I’ll hear.

Phoebe, Jason and Ceres had all already returned inside. A figure loomed in the shadows of Cypher’s house. There was a glint of gold. Out of the shadows emerged a snake-like, large, mythical creature called: a dragon. It was Delphin. He had beautiful golden-yellowish scales that could be seen even in the faint moonlight. I can change the colour of my scales, Delphin explained. The mournful howl of a timber wolf broke the stillness of the night. The faintly shining moon illuminated the starry night sky, casting its phony light upon the legendary dragon. Delphin’s wide purple eyes flickered to green with joy. The last time I had someone to talk to that understood me was about 1,000 years ago. I know you’ll be a marvelous Storyteller, said Delphin.

 “I thought I was…” Cypher cleared his throat, “the Chosen One.”

Some will also call you the Storyteller because after writing a story, all of it will come true. But be careful. At times you may be angry at someone and write something about them that you don’t mean to happen. You must learn to practice this power. When you are really good, Delphin smiled, you will be able to make things come about with your mind.

                Cypher smiled as well at the thought of this. Delphin gracefully flexed his wings open. They looked extremely delicate, yet particularly well-built. Get on!  Delphin exclaimed.

“What?!” Cypher replied.

On my back! Get onto my back! You won’t fall off!

                Cypher swallowed his fear and allowed himself to move reluctantly toward the mystical creature. His legs trembled like a jar of jelly as he climbed onto Delphi’s back. Cypher touched the scales on Delphi’s body. He didn’t seem to mind. They were smooth on the top, yet rough and coarse on the bottom. The dragon was about to take off into the murky coldness of the winter twilight when Cypher interrupted him hastily. “Wait! What about my friends?”

They can’t see me unless they truly believe I am there.

                Delphin swiftly paced toward a large oak tree. Before they had time to hit it, they were in the cool night air, soaring aimlessly. Cypher loved the feeling of the wind dynamically pushing against his face. Delphin was elegant in the air. Cypher stared at Delphin’s scales. They were changing from their regular golden colour to a bright blue, matching the atmosphere around the pair. Delphin told Cypher about the duties and abilities of a Chosen One and how he would be the best by far. He said how other Storytellers weren’t very memorable because they focused too much on their own power and neglected their duties as a Chosen One. Cypher took this all in willingly. He wanted to be the most unforgettable Storyteller in history! His smile faded when he heard Delphin say this, you mustn’t tell more than three people about me. And tell them only when you sincerely think they’re ready. But Cypher understood this very well. Too much information on the same day could be overwhelming.

“Then how will I keep a 9’ foot tall dragon away from 3 people?” Cypher asked.

I can hide in the sky, behind the rain clouds. All you have to do to is whistle and then call my name. Dragons have excellent senses. Some even have the power to tell the future. I can’t… yet, Delphin said hopefully.

“Okay!” said Cypher, “I’ll do it!”

                Delphin landed on the ground beside the oak tree. Cypher said goodbye and Delphin flew up into the twilight. It was past dinner time and he was hungry. He opened the door and joined his friends in the kitchen. Jason was rummaging through the fridge eagerly. He looked like he was truly hungry. Come to think of it, so was Cypher. They talked amongst themselves as Cypher ordered some pizza. When he joined his friends at the table, Phoebe was the first to speak.

“Where were you?”

“I was…uh…talking to the neighbor.” Cypher lied.

                They weren’t yet ready for the truth. We ate 3 whole pizzas before stopping. Cypher was thinking about Delphin. How long could he keep the whole thing secret? They were his best friends, he shared everything with them. He’d never kept anything on lockdown! But he’d already sworn himself to secrecy with Delphin. He couldn’t tell his best friends about a secret that would change his whole life. For the better or for the worse, he didn’t know. How could anyone even believe him if he told them that?! The fact that he would have to lie to his friends hurt him deeply. He was an honest person, not only his friends, but everyone around him! And he would have to completely change that to save the…stupid world! Well the safety of the world would have to wait! He had to tell his friends about what really happened. But he needed to ensure their safety as their best friend. If he told them that, they would go looking for the truth and might get themselves hurt. He thought, and thought, and thought some more until he came to a conclusion. He’d made his decision. He would tell them the truth. Delphin could go ahead and call him irresponsible or reckless, Cypher didn’t care. He knew what the power of friendship felt like. When he needed to figure something out, his friends were always happy to help him out. When they had to face something, they faced it together. He felt empowered with his friends at his side. He wasn’t going to get rid of that for anything. Friendship was priceless. But what would he say to them? ‘Oh, I have a mystical dragon named Delphin and I’m going off to save the world with him and so I’ll never see you again!’ He couldn’t tell them that! Maybe Delphin wouldn’t mind them going with him. But how could he carry 4 people on his back?!

It’s all right. You may invite them to come with us, said a voice in his head.

“Delphin?” he whispered in his own mind, “Delphin is that you?”

It’s me. They may join us on our journey to the land of Gaelea. If they wish, they may also come to Gaelic Tower. But they may have troubles hiding from Seniphos, the Dark Lord of power. He wishes to control Time Magick and Spatial Magick. He already learned much about Darke Magick and its uses.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back it up there! We have to face an evil, powerful lord who wants to learn bad Magick! I didn’t even know Magick exists! And what is Gaelea anyways?” Cypher was overwhelmed. But he couldn’t help the feeling that he knew everything about Gaelea. The Lord of Darkenesse, the Gaelic Tower, the fragments of the Counter spell… a Counter spell. Delphin hadn’t said anything about that, but Cypher knew what it was. The Counter spell was written on a stone tablet that Seniphos had destroyed so that he could rule the whole empire of Gaelea with his power and plunge the land into a Dark Age without having to worry about it being reversed. A flashback of just words came into his mind, “Time will move backwards in the dark areas…and disappear. Gaelea… shrouded in perpetual darkenesse, now PERISH!”

                Cypher explained to Delphin what he had seen in his head. Delphin explained to Cypher that all the places that Seniphos took over would soon be launched into eternal darkness, where there is no such thing as birth. Seniphos would have the power to make time move backwards in an area until it ceases to even exist. Soon, Gaelea would perish all together. It was awful! He couldn’t let it disappear! Not his birth land… his birth land? That’s correct. You were born in Gaelea. If you do not save your home land, Althus, you too will cease to exist. And that is why we must recover the Counter spell fragments. You know what those are because… it was your father-your true father, Althus- who created it. He was quite the Wizard. He has been hiding from Seniphos in the one place the lord cannot go, Gaelic Tower. Your father is the Lord of the Light, Delphin explained.

                Cypher warily took the information in. How could this be? His father was really a Wizard? If he didn’t help his father and recite the Counter spell with him at the top of Gaelic Tower he would soon cease to exist! He knew they would have to leave right away. And if Althus-his father-is a Wizard, that would mean he was too! He knew it was true. He had to go talk to his friends. He walked out of his room briskly. It was inevitable. He had to help out his father… and had to tell his friends. He told Jason, Phoebe, and Ceres everything he knew about Gaelea and Delphin. They were quiet for a long time span.

“Are you telling the truth?” Jason asked.

“Yes I am! And I can prove it to you!” he exclaimed.

                He whistled and then called out to Delphin. Jason commented on the name and called Cypher insane. Ceres was quiet, but let Cypher know she believed him entirely. The three of them were stunned to see a golden dragon with green eyes swoop down from the clouds, rustling the back-yard flowers. Finally, no more secrets need to be kept. They willingly believed him now! He explained everything once more and how they could go with him to Gaelea. They agreed to going with on Delphin’s back. No more secrets…finally.

The End

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