Gaelean Chronicles:Rider

A thirteen year old boy named Cypher discovers a new world beyond his own called: Gaelea. Accompanied by his friends Jason, Phoebe and Ceres, he discovers his true powers in his quest to protect the world of Gaelea from the Empire of Seniphos. Cypher finds himself confronted with several problems, and at the same time must save his own homeland... and father, from perishing. The only way to do that, is to recover the 15 pieces of the Counter spell from all over the land. But will he be able to d



v                        Prologue: The Chosen One

                Lightning split the air with tremendous energy, as it started to rain heavily. Thunder crackled and boomed and flashed everywhere. The rain poured mercilessly, soaking whoever had no shelter. It was the worst storm of the year, leaving pedestrians sprinting to their houses. “Got to find shelter, now!” thought Cypher. The 13 year old boy was rushing along the streets of New York City, holding nothing but a jacket over his soaked head. He was awe struck. The storm had come out of nowhere! It seemed impossible. How did it start, no one knew. It was only supposed to be a light flurry of snow today! Cypher ran to his house on Solmar Avenue. He strode into the warm house and slammed the door behind him. He was supposed to be going birthday shopping with his grandparent’s money for himself- since he only had 4 days left- when the storm appeared! He walked over to the closet to hang up his jacket when he realized it was gone. He must have dropped it on his way in. Cypher retraced his steps to the outside porch and found his jacket neatly folded over top of a chair. It was strange. Someone had found his jacket and folded it neatly on the chair even though it wasn’t even theirs. He saw a lump in his jacket pocket. He hadn’t taken anything with him! Cypher picked up his jacket and returned inside. In his jacket pocket lay a shiny gold, chrome pen. There was a tag attached to it. It read: To Cypher Braxton     From???

He didn’t know what to think. Perhaps it was a prank pen that squirts ink out of the back! Or it couldn’t write! He picked it up. He felt powerful, mighty, and unbeatable! His strength was unquestionable. He walked up to his room. On the desk, there was a note from his parents.

Dear Cypher,

Your father and I have decided to take a little break from New York and go on a quiet honeymoon in San Francisco. We’ll only be gone for about 3 to 4 days. I know you are old enough and trustworthy enough to be alone for a while. You are allowed to have friends over but not more than 3 at a time. And don’t worry; we WILL be home in time for your birthday honey.

 Lots of love,



Yes, Cypher thought to himself. He’d been longing to be trustworthy enough to be left alone. Cypher was flooded with happiness. How lucky was he? Very lucky! First a pen and now trust. Awesome! He was very eager to find out what was so great about the radiating pen he’d found.  He took out a hardcover journal. When you held it up to the light, it shone. He opened it up to the first page. He pressed the pen to the page, half-expecting ink to erupt out of it. Luckily the pen wasn’t rigged. As he wrote, the pen left a trail of black, riveting ink. Suddenly, out of the gray blue sky, he wrote, flaming meteors rained down uncontrollably, leaving behind instructions of some sort in code. The ink started to change colours! Pink, blue, purple, green, red, all the colours of the rainbow! He was waiting for something miraculous to happen when was disturbed by the phone in his room ringing. He picked it up, “Hello?” he said.

“Cypher? Cypher! Look out the window!” It was the voice of one of his friends, Phoebe.

                Cypher half-heartedly peered through the curtains covering the window. “What the he…” Raining down from the heavens were flaming, charred meteors! “Call up Ceres, and I’ll call Jason. We’ll three- way! Then, come over to my house! GO!” He then hung up. He was bewildered. Cypher had a mystery to solve. He was still looking outside, awe-struck. That’s exactly what I wrote with the pen! I hope it’s just a coincidence! Anyway, where is the code? He thought. But deep down inside he knew it wasn’t a coincidence. The gift was left in his jacket on purpose. He was meant to have it. He… he was the Chosen One.











The End

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