I Will Not Give Up On God

Two angels are appointed as God's deputies, Gabriel and Lucifer. The two friends' lives change dramatically when they meet one of the first humans, Eve.

"No!" He cried. "God will save me!

God placed you here. The sinister voice whispered. He has abandoned you. 

"No!" He repeated. He was too terrified to think of anything further to say, so he merely repeated himself over and over again as the darkness enclosed around him. He could no longer see his friend, who had been tied up somewhere to his left.

Give up. The voice said. Renounce your faith.

"I refuse." He cried, as serpents slithered around him. "I refuse!"

The serpents began to enter his body, filling his mouth and his eyes and his ears and his soul. Every fibre of his being screamed in agony and before he passed out, he managed one last cry.



The End

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