The Principal

It was a kid, running past the classroom the hallway as an assortment of objects chased him. Scissors, staplers, chairs, desks, lockers - all tumbling through the hallway after him. Edward's eyes widened. He heard a cry in the hallway as the flying objects must've caught up with the boy. Then silence.

The other children in the classroom were surprised too, maybe not as frightened as Edward, though. Edward gripped the edge of this desk. What happened? The language arts teacher, Mr. Langley, strode to the door and closed it. "Just a minor disturbance," he said, tone suggesting shut up and don't say a thing. "Please get back to copying down proper grammar rules."

Edward lowered his head, pencil scribbling fast the rules. He had had enough trouble for today.

The other kids shrugged and followed suit.

This place is much more than meets the eye, Edward reminded himself. Suddenly a scary thought hit him. Can they read my thoughts, too?  He tried to make himself not think, but that was hard, because now he was thinking about not thinking and why and I still thinking about not thinking about not thing but that's thinking too, isn't it... he gave up.

An  announcement came over the loudspeakers. "Hello, everyone. You may have noticed a boy that was running amok through the halls. A very, very foolish boy. This was because he did not do his Homework. Above all else here at this school, we value the Homework. Nothing is more important. Thank you. Sincerely, your principal, the Principal."

This announcement spun Edward's mind round and round, but he didn't dare say a thing and kept on writing down the grammar rules.

The End

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