Home Tyme Edward

The rest of the day was a bit of a haze as Edward stumbled through his afternoon.  He was really unsettled and unsure.  All around him everything seemed normal but he was sure that something was not right.  He was a little nervous and more than a touch scared.  He made sure that he kept all the rules in Math, and at recess he made sure that his wrapper went in the bin.  He kept looking over his shoulder, he just had one of those feelings that he was being watched.  He even wondered whether he should be thinking about the incidents at all.  Perhaps he dreamed them up he thought.  He decided he would soon know at the end of school.  He wondered if his parents knew about the scribbling on the desk yet.  

Edward was starting to feel queasy and nervous as the minutes wound down towards the end of the day, he briefly contemplated making a run for it at the end of school, a futile gesture he knew but he just wanted some time to himself to think about the strange happenings that had been occurring over the last few weeks.  Talking to someone might help but Edwards was afraid. If it could see him throw a piece of paper and scribble on a desk could it hear his words?

Edward had once read a novel that predicted a futuristic society where crime had become non existent.  He wondered if that had happened yet, he sat upright with a jolt as the scream of a police siren split the air and he thought perhaps it was just in school that it could see him.  He began to think and wonder if there was a way to find out.  Do I Edward have the courage to find out? Just as he was wondering if he had the courage Edward saw something.

The End

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