Getting rid of the rubbish

As soon as the bell rang, Edward left Miss Terius's room as quickly as he could. He was heading for the tuck shop when Bridget Moore brushed past him and handed him a piece of paper. She didn't stop and he didn't say anything, even though he thought it would be nice to talk to her. He moved to the side of the corridor to read the note. It was written in Bridget's neat handwriting with a sparkly purple pen.

"Edward Tyme, Edward Tyme,
I like you, can't you tell.
If you hold this paper in your hands for 10 seconds
you will be under my spell xxx"

Edward wasn't sure which was worse - the terrible poem, or the fact that Bridget liked him. His face turned red and he scrunched up the paper before hurling it in the direction of the nearest bin. It hit the rim and bounced onto the floor. Before he had a chance to walk over and pick it up, the bin sped towards him. It seemed to have a clamp at the base, with which it gripped his ankle. He was waiting for the bin to speak like the desk did, but it just pulled him slowly towards the paper on the floor.

It was hard walking with one foot attached to a slowly moving object, but he hobbled across the floor. He tried once to release his ankle, but the clamp dug in even further and he could feel his foot going numb. As soon as the paper was within reach, he retrieved it and tossed in into the bin. Immediately, he was released and the bin looked normal again.

The strange thing was, nobody seemed to notice what had happened to him. Everyone just kept walking past as if seeing a bin come to life was commonplace. Edward began to wonder whether he was actually sleeping and having a weird dream.

The End

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