Future PlansMature

another rap I've written, this time about my life ahead

Ya this is troublesome, but is it really worth making myself worrisome

I don’t have a plan for my life, but does any one go hard like Barnie Fife

Before you ask me what I have planned, lemme pick up the pieces and show ya that my life outta be pretty grand

Well you look at me now and say “awww Jesse your gonna be fine, you’re a pretty charismatic guy” but I hear it’s hard to keep your life in a straight line

What I’m having a lot of trouble with is seeing that these friends I’m with aren’t gonna get afraid and shook

Because the values they took from me could be skewed into disarray and for all I know could turn em into nothing but a couple of angry crooks

Naw but I aint loosin my faith that hard, the closest friend that I have would never play that card

Hes too much of a true friend to bail out when his dreams are on the table alongside mine when he’s just pretend

Interlude/Chorus – “I hope the future doesn’t fade as fast as it is now, because there’s too much shit that hasn’t yet gone down” – “I hope our dreams don’t just flounder out, cus it’d just make me wear a sad ass pout” “gone going its already too far gone away”

Man I look out and see an ocean liner all picturesque, and then I see us just chilling in Paris seeing some burlesque

Ya we’d be living the dream, but I don’t even see it in the meantime we’d be living in primetime eating escargot seeing the nightlife in the limelight

We’d take the fight to them, seeing the world as the tiniest gem but so full of possibilities it’s frightening

But I’m not even scared enough to battle lightening so lemme put on an even madder grin

We’ll bounce from Egypt to India seeing things that’ll make ya wonder if what you’re actually living is what you’re believing

And when were through you’ll have stories to tell people that’ll make em think their sniffing glue

Cus what’s true is that were gonna have the experience of a lifetime so new to us that were not gonna wanna go back to 2D, I.e just blue

The End

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