Future Fears: The Morning After

Audrey looked up from the report in front of her and tapped the paper as she spoke.

"Good detail. You've answered every standard question plus some of your own that you pulled from the vision itself."

Leaning back, her mentor smiled and nodded. "You've really grown in the last few years. Your observations are sharper, your recollections clearer and  your detail amazing. I'm proud of you."

Ginger ducked her head in acceptance of her teacher's praise. Audrey did not give it without reason and so it must have been deserved.

"Thank you." She said simply.

Audrey let the moment pass and then went on.

"I will get someone to scan the details into our system." She said, picking it up and putting it in the OUT box on her desk. "I doubt we will come up with much but that is the nature of what we do. Visions, prophesy and other such talents are not, by any means, an exact science."

"Which is why science spends so much time trying to disprove our talents." Ginger finished. She knew that lecture by heart. It was one of the first that she had recieved when joining The Firm over five years ago.

"Hum, either you are absorbing my teachings or you are telling me our talks are getting boring." Audrey looked at her in askance.

Ginger grinned. "Our conversations are never boring." She assured the older woman. "But there are a few things that are..hum..written in stone? where you're concerned. One of them being your dislike for the sciencey types."

"Pompus asses if you ask me," Audrey huffed, shrugging her shoulders as if to ward off anything of that nature getting too close to her. "Even here our researchers look down their noses at those of us who have a 'gift' and they deal with it every day."

"True, but you don't have to believe in what you are researching. Just the check that comes every month."

Audrey laughed and stood to show Ginger out. "Exactly. And, as long as they keep their mouths shut as their contracts specify so that we don't get a whole group of nosy science types picking apart our organization, I don't really care what they believe."

Ginger nodded. The Firm had been built in the 1800s when spiritualism first began to catch on in America. It had not been named The Firm back then and they had openly practiced and studied Spiritualism and those that claimed to have a gift to delve within that spiritual realm.

Soon, though, as more and more frauds were brought into the light outside of the fledgling organization, people began to suspect and turn against the studies done in it. Officially the small community that had grown around the spiritualistic beliefs and practices closed it's doors in the early 1900s. From it sprung a new business designed to test and expose the frauds that had been the cause of it's downfall.

Apparantly this new business view was acceptable because the business was then left alone to thrive. In the background, however, the old business went on as if nothing had happened, the new focus being not to discredit but to find new talent without letting anyone on the outside know about it.

Ginger had been brought in through this fashion and introduced to people who helped guide and develop her talent for visions. Soon she fell into place as a 'receptor' writing down her visions and turning them in to Audrey who would then disperse them to those with other talents in order to record and research the incidents behind them. From what Audrey had told her, these others would then try to figure out if the vision was past, present or future, if any other 'seers' in the organization had had similar visions and what they could do, if anything, for whomever the vision was about.

Having a purpose for the talent that had plagued Ginger and made her abnormal during the whole of her young life had helped save her santity. Knowing that she would be helping others gave a satisfaction to her job that she had never had with any other job she had ever worked.

"You're talking to Dr Marshton this afternoon," Audrey said as they stood at the door, Ginger preparing to leave.

"Yes, a full psych eval to make sure these visions are not messing with my sanity. My yearly torture session."

Audrey laughed and patted her shoulder in sympathy. "You'll do fine. Not a sign of insanity in you. And, believe me, I would know. But it's a precaution we have to take."

"I know." Ginger stepped over the threshold and into the lobby that fronted the seven offices in this part of the huge building owned by The Firm. "But I don't have to enjoy it."

With a wave, she moved to the door connected to the inner sanctum where the majority of the research into the weird and unknown was conducted and shut the door behind her.

The End

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