Future Fears

The woman ran, her feet pounding against the pavement, her breath coming in gasps. Her lungs felt as if they might burst and her feet were jellied with the effort. It had been too long since she had run like this. Too long since those childhood days of being free and running with no care in the world.

Now her cares were endless. The most promient of which was the person chasing her. She didn't know if it was a man or woman, she only knew the fear they inspired, the adrenaline rushing, fight or flight inducing fear that pounded through her veins.

She knew she must get out, must find safety, must leave the instigator of that fear behind. If she did not, there would be no tomorrow.


Ginger awoke gasping for breath and sitting up straight in her bed. With a trembling hand, she reached for her notebook that always lay on her bedside table, her pen beside it.

Quickly, before the dream could fade, she began to write, trying to capture every detail that came to her just as Audrey had taught her years ago.

The words flowed freely. She did not stop to edit the flow, to correct spelling or to review grammer. Those things would come later in the morning when she could look at the dream at a distance. When the feelings of fear and anxiety had calmed in her own body.

When she was done, she put the notebook and pen aside and reached for the glass of water that resided on her nightstand as well.

Forcing herself to take only sips of the tepid liquid, she took deep breaths in between and, finally, the residual adrinaline seeped from her leaving her feeling spent.

Throwing back the covers, she padded into her bathroom, splashing water on her face and patting it dry with a large fluffy towel. Taking the towel from her face, she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Large blue eyes stared back at her, red hair damply curled around her face and she looked almost child-like at that moment. With a sigh, she shook her head, hung up the towel and headed back to bed.

The dream, no the vision, had been real. Whether it was an indicator of something in the past, happening right now or a future prediction she didn't know. She did know from past experience that what she could do about it at that moment equaled to exactly zero and so she would try to get some more sleep before she dealt with it further in the morning.

Laying back down in bed, she closed her eyes and began her meditation, something else Audrey had taught her and something that had kept her from going insane.

Sowly her limbs relaxed, then her torso and finally, she reached out and found sleep.

The End

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