I was bored, and so I wrote a short little few paragraphs about something that I hope to do with my life.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do with my life: I’ll finish High School at Onaga High, top of my class. I’ll go to college and major in creative writing and Real Estate. I’ll sell houses for a living and write books in my free time. I’ll save up my money until I’m about 35, then I’ll buy a small boat and sail around the world with my adopted little girl. I’ll care for my adopted child like she was my own and home school her myself. I’ll teach her to play guitar and we’ll sing songs together under the stars to the beat of our boat rocking back and forth. Our days will be full of blue skies and crystal-clear waters, our nights of beautiful sunsets and shimmering diamonds in the sky. I’ll be a renowned world-wide writing sensation. If my family has financial problems, I’ll mail them a few of my autographs which they can sell on Ebay for thousands of dollars.

We’ll do yoga in the morning to keep in shape, and we’ll go scuba driving after lunch. We’ll swim with dolphins on a daily basis. We’ll sail around the world to historically marked islands and learn of different cultures. We’ll see all the great wonders of the world. We’ll learn different languages and make many friends. We’ll go to carnivals on islands and sign autographs and flirt with every guy we meet, but we’ll never keep in touch with any of them because we know that guys are idiots. Our life will be a life of peace and harmony. Of adventure and excitement. Of contentment and satisfaction.

The End

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