Learning About a Lamia's Past LifeMature

     The losing of a friend is not a happy thing. Whenever I have nightmares, it's about her. My dear and sweet Lya. Why did I make that colossal mistake? One that would haunt me for, because of Cebu, eternity.

     There I was again, sitting on the root with my back against the thick and eroded back of a tree. I felt drunk and I had in my hand a bottle of poisonous liquid that would paint my liver with all its alcoholic toxins. I knew the consequence for drinking already but that didn't stop me from doing what I thought I should do. Which was killing myself slowly and enjoying the taste of underage drinking when I still had the chance to do so. I lifted the brown-tainted bottle to my lips. Finding it empty, I threw the bottle across the green sea of cool grass. When the bottle stopped, it was because it got intercepted by a foot.

     The foot was connected to a body which eventually connected to a head. On the head I saw a beautiful face that rolled her eyes at me. Her lips parted but I heard nothing come out. A dumb smile was all I could give her in reply. Her chest rose in what seemed like a deep sigh then it went back to normal. She began to kick the once-full alchohol bottle my way. With one final kick, the bottle swam its way to my hand again. It stayed there on top of my finger. Her knees cracked when she folded her legs and hugged them tightly.

     "Since when did you drink beer?" I felt her warm breath making my right ear tingle uncontrolably.

     My body shuddered in delight, "Check your facts next time. It's spiked beer, I found a little bottle full of some random shit but, really, it was pure drinkable 'alcohell.' I couldn't down it straight but I decided to spike this," I explained while I felt my throat burning. Just thinking about it made my throat burn as if I was reliving what had happened earlier when I thought I was man enough to gulp the bottle in 2 swigs; obviously, I wasn't.

     "Don't cuss, you rarely cuss!" I knew Lya was pouting her cute little annoyed pout with her furrowed brows.

     "I rarely cussed until last month."

     "You started drinking a month ago? Why didn't you tell me??"

     "It's not like you care, fuck, it's not like anyone cares about me anymore."

     "Stop cussing, I told you. And I do care. We tell each other about everything."

     "Like your nasty 'fantasy' crap about me last time?"

     It got silent and I didn't even bother to look at Lya. The clouds above me were more interesting as they changed into rainbow colors. Or maybe it was just my drunken imagination.

     Lya stood up and turned to walk away. She paused with her foot in the air then she turned back to me. I was still staring at the now green-looking clouds, when she kicked my torso.

     Stupidly, I laughed and held my hand where she kicked me. It really hurt but I just had an impulse to laugh, "Why did you kick me? If it wasn't for this tree I would be on the ground with a mouthful of grass down my pants! ...wait, did I say pants? I meant mouthful of pants. Wait, what?..." I sighed and my voice trailed off as I patted the tree bark behind me, "Thank you, tree. I love you, tree."

     "You're welcome, Jakae," I swear I heard the tree say.

     "Did you heard that Lya? The tree said 'you're welcome!'" I turned back to the tree, "You're the best tree I've ever met!"

     Meanwhile, Lya just shook he head in disgust then started to walk away, evading each of my questions. I just continued babbling and asking an absent Lya why she kicked me and why she didn't thank the tree for saving me from a near grassy death. Her body just shrunk and shrunk at every word I hiccuped. Soon enough, an officer came by and told me to leave because prostitution was against the law but he would just let me off this time.

     Maybe if I lived in a different town or planted my drunk body in a different park the officer wouldn't have categorized me as another teenage prostitute but just as a tiny, fragile, and innocent kid who just happened to know where to find really strong alcohol. But wait, wasn't that the same thing?..

     Once I stumbled across a graffiti covered bench just outside the park. I fell down onto the bench and my head knocked against the hard surface. It hurt of course, but it couldn't compare to the feeling of a burning throat, bloated stomach, and urge to pee but the fact that I was too lazy to do so. Yeah, I'm that lazy and that much of a waste of human life.

The End

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