Part Two, In Jakae's PerspectiveMature

- Thinking to Myself -

. . .

     I told him everything. Nearly everything. I told him I wasn't an average lamia. I told him I was a lamia that hated her fellow Immortals; although, I never told him the reason why. How could I tell him I was in love? I don't even know what love is, but I guessed it felt like this.

     And I know that Phyuri doesn't even have a gender. How could I betray Cebu, my creator? Well that's an easy question to answer loving a demon! A Lycan demon at that! I could tell him I realized it was love at first sight when I saw those amazing white eyes of Phyuri's. But what does Cebu know about love? The only thing he loves was himself and the "beauties" he made into an Immortal. "I'm doing all you beautiful young ladies a favor when I made you an Immortal. You all should be thankful that beauty like yours can't die any longer!" I remembered him say to all of us. My "sisters" didn't even support each other. All they wanted to do was to challenge each other by seeing whom Cebu liked more.

     I'm actually glad that I don't have to stay with my family. I never really had one, before and after my Immortalization. I was always alone everywhere, but Phyuri made that feeling go away.

The End

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