A Cup of Warm Blood?Mature

     I woke up to a hand slapping my flushed cheeks. My eyes cracked open and spied the same Immortal from the window. She stared at me with those blank eyes. When my eyes opened wider I looked at her lips, there seemed to be dark blood on them. I was too weak and limp to question her, figuring that she would explain why and where I was.

     She flashed a smile showing her two pairs of slightly protruding fangs, "At least that finally got you attention, wanna' cup of warm blood?"

     I glared at her but cautiously accepted the cup and saw a think black liquid inside, "Is this-"

     "Yup. I know demons regenerate faster when they regain their blood. At least it tastes delectable."

     "You drank my blood?"

     "A little bit, I couldn't help it."

     This was awkward...she drank my blood. An Immortal drank my blood?! I just couldn't register this fact into my mind.

     I returned the cup back into her hands and stared in her eyes again. One could not tell whether she was looking at you or not. She smiled at me once again, and lifted the cup to her lips. Something deep in her eye seemed to flame and even flickered a bit but it died out, like a fire, as she stopped sipping from the mug. It was amazing how lamias worked, though less amazing at this particular lamia's taste.

     The Immortal's face blushed a slight pink hue. She must have been looking at me because once I looked in her eyes her eyelids lowered as if looking at the drink to avoid my gaze. Was she embarrassed of something? Was there something wrong with me?

     Once again the vampire's eyes fluttered up, as if to look at me. When the movement caught my eyes and I stared into hers, her eyelids clamped down.

     "What? Is something wrong with me?" I sheepishly asked.

     Her face blushed a deeper pink, "It's nothing."

     I started to wonder about Kya when the lamia stood to rinse the mug, drowning my blood down the drain. This immortal could have murdered Kya when The Fallen was distracting me. How else could The Fallen have gotten a hold of that weapon he thrust into my flesh?

     While asking myself questions I had no exact answer to, I saw the weapon. I remember Elistur teaching me all about our world. He was on the topic of vampires that day. His voice tickled my ears when I recalled what he taught me.

     "Now this item is one of many scattered throughout hell. It's my favorite weapon of all, of course because it's the strongest. The Immortals created it when one was feasting on a Nox Noctis Lupus. It wasn't a Lycan demon like you, just pure Nox Noctis Lupus. It's Latin for night wolf.

     When the lamia was drinking blood from the open gash on the poor Lycan's neck he felt a pang of numbness in his throat. He filled his mouth with the Lycan blood and spat it into his hand to see if the blood changed colors, as it usually did whenever blood enters a vampire's mouth. It didn't and his hands began to sting. The Lycan was only partially dead when the lamia wiped his hands on him. It caused the Nox Noctis Lupus to suddenly roar in pain and it eventually died as fast as he vociferated his last breath. The vampire reported it to the Immortal Cult. They learned that every hell creature was susceptible to it, especially Nox Noctis Lupus and it's descendants.

     Be careful with this weapon. In the carving process the lamia somehow infuses Nox Noctis Lupus blood into it. Since you are part Lycan this is extremely lethal because it will kill you."

     I gasped when my eyes flew open at the touch of the vampire's hand. My flashback fluttered away, but I remembered enough of it to glare at her. Her kind found and created a weapon that could kill me. Should I be mad, or scared for my life?

     "Why are you working with Lagoon to kill me?" an accusation escaped my lips.

     Her face looked hurt, "I'm not working to kill you, in fact I'm not working with anybody! I had to suck the Nox Noctis Lupus blood out of your own. That's called saving you and the combination of pure Nox Noctis Lupus blood, stone, and your own Lycan blood almost made me gag. Only the thought of seeing you alive was enough to help me tolerate the lifelessness in my throat."

     "You said my blood taste good and now you say it nearly made you gag. What should I believe? Or are they both lies?"

     "I told you the combination of all those things tasted horrible. You still kept bleeding after I drained all the Nox Noctis Lupus blood out of you. I had to make sure so I just kept on drinking your sweet blood until I was sure you were safe. Eventually I took a mug from the house and dripped some in there until I bandaged you up."

     "Why are you helping me?"

      "I cannot tell you," she looked away then closed her eyes.

     A single tear dropped its way down to the bed. I sat up despite the pain and held out my hand. Her blank eyes questioned my gesture but she took it anyway. With all the strength I could muster up I pulled her towards me and hugged her. She sobbed into my neck and throughout that whole time I could have stereotypically stabbed a stake through her heart. Although, I didn't want to murder her because I realized I made a new friend.

Next is Part Two, In Jakae's Perspective

The End

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