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     The day wore on. I went on my ‘shift’ around town. It was nothing special but me trying to scare more people. The way to Kya’s house was a short distance from the café I stumbled upon. I stole a cup of coffee for Kya so she would be able to stay up through the night. I was going to have to fly her somewhere safe so nothing demonic, other than me, could get to her.

     The paper cup of steamy java started to burn in my vague azure hand. I just let the sensation to drop the cup fuel the need to quicken my pace. I didn’t care if the only thing I could feel was pain. I liked it. I liked the sensation of feeling something. I liked the pain rather than nothing at all.

     Kya’s house was just up ahead. One more block until I would have to steal her away, I thought. My footsteps silently tapped the ground below me. I suddenly felt protective, my instincts started to kick in. Somehow, I presumed Kya was in danger.

     My prediction was true. Once I jogged up the sidewalk I noticed that the area was eerily silent. All the lights in Kya’s home were off except for one at Kya’s open window. A shadow moved across the light pouring in. Someone was in Kya’s room. It could have been Kya herself but I needed to be sure so I extended my wings, and with one leaf raising flap, I effortlessly glided to the top of the house’s gray shingles. I landed with my hand on the roof and legs in a crouching position. When I began to stand up, the tiles below me creaked. The shadow seemed to appear in the illuminating window. It grew until something dark popped out.

     It was a head, and not just any head, but the head of a demon in its true form. My own head felt dizzy and heavy on my shoulders. All the possibilities of Kya dieing a bloodily gruesome death and having her future unfold before my very eyes were playing like a movie in my mind.

     The demon looked straight at me but it didn’t seem to notice me. When I looked into its eyes I didn’t see white irises at all, not even one trace of light in those eyes. Was it possible this demon was blind? Cases like these have happened before, thought never have I laid my own eyes on one.

     The sickly head sank back to Kya’s room. Fumbling noises soon followed once its head retreated. It was searching for something not there. It was searching for Kya. It was searching for me, her devoted guardian.

     My feet finally ripped from its place and took me forward. Forward into possible injuries to both parties. Forward into victory and defeat. Footsteps couldn’t be heard over the ransacking of this blind demon. Sneakiness wasn’t needed and slothfulness wasn’t tolerated. My attack would be so furious that demon wouldn’t even realize he was slashed until a wash of blood swan down its chest, drowning its blackened heart in its own blood. My attack would be so fast it would be but a blur.

     My entrance was anything but silent. Once I stepped through the window it was like I lost all my slyness. Very unusual for me, this must be one of those rare Impromptu demons, I thought. Its grimy head flicked towards my way. Pitch-black irises stared into my contrasting eyes. Blindness was definitely his weakness so he used his power to make enemies clumsy. A very smart move knowing that clumsy things make noise and its hearing was probably excellent due to the lack of vision.

     The monster reached out for a weapon to throw at me but missed its target. I took its mishap to my advantage and dived for the throat. My foot got caught between the edge of the windowsill and a dresser, causing me to fail. Luckily my wings flapped, protecting me from an otherwise face-smash onto the drawers. I turned my attention back to the Impromptu only to be greeted by a chair. The chair was flung at such a fast and powerful speed that it threw me backwards. My head shattered the window since I was still up in the air. My foot finally let loose so I continued to fall, stopping only when I thudded on the parking space of Kya’s house.

     The Impromptu demon stuck his head out of the shards, raking his scalp against the sharp glass. The slight fragrance of irony blood blew down from the window. It revved up my bloodlust. It brought me back to my feet. It made me transfigure into my true form.

     Once into my demonic disposition, I could only hold one sole objective. Like earlier this morning, when my objective was to frighten to pants off of that janitor. The current objective was to kill or else be killed.

     The demon bellowed a sickly call to me, as if to mock my attempts at trying to save Kya. I replied back, going on all fours and roaring a low and intense growl.

     “I’m toying with a Lycan mutt now aren’t I?” it rasped in a demonic language.

     “Lycanthropic demons are useful for beating up animals like you,” I spat back.

     “Dancing with the eminent angelic Lycan mutt, now that’s a new low for me. Don’t remember me Phyuri? The blow to your head must have been too hard because the only animal here is you.”

     My mind snapped as I realized this was Lagoon. He wasn’t an Impromptu before. Memories flooded back when I was back in hell. Lagoon was part of the majority of them. My nose raised as my upper lips curled back in hatred. Lagoon disgustingly smiled, looking a bit too happy to be brawling with me once again. I waited for him to make the first move, he laughed at me, as he knew this was my usual strategy.

     He charged towards me looking like he was going to head butt me. My wings saved me once again but Lagoon knew me well enough to frantically search the air. He grabbed my tail and I shook him off but he ripped a tuft of my extremely short and practically invisible fur, which made me yelp in pain. He spun his head in my direction and used his long arms to push himself off the ground. He flew higher than me but since he had no wings of his own he fell back down to the cement. The impact caused large chunks of concrete to break away. Lagoon had the concrete chunks in his hands ready to fling them anytime.

     As I glided in the air I wanted to go back inside the house to see if Kya was okay, if she was still there. So I landed on the roof again but some shingles broke away ruining my cover. I felt the solid cement pelt my back. One of them made me fall forward and slide down the house. On the edge of the roof I was hanging on for dear life. Lagoon injured my left wing in his shower of thick rocks. My struggles to stay on the roof failed so I stomped back to the cement, met by the Impromptu demon. He muttered something in our language but I only focused on the dark shadowed figure through the window.

     Its features weren’t visible in the light flooding through Kya’s room. Its silhouette looked like one of a human’s. Hair that seemed to be long fell on her shoulders. It definitely wasn’t Kya. She had short hair that ended inches above her shoulders. This woman had wavy hair. My brunette, Kya, had modestly pin straight hair. I caught a glimpse of her face when she decided to look away. While she turned her head to glance back in Kya’s room she brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her left ear. The angle and light was enough for me to spot her eyes in the midst of her movements. It was enough for me to know what to look for. And what I found surprised me, though also made my violent imagination run wild.

     Her eyes, they were pitch black. Her whole eyeball, it was just pure black. These were eyes of a killer. Her lips were bulging on four places in her mouth: two on the upper lip, and two on the opposite lip. In the corner of the mouth was a dried crimson stain. At least that was what my mind told me to believe. My mind jumped to two conclusions, one of which, I knew was chaste truth. This girl was a creature from hell like Lagoon and literally a bloodthirsty killer. More specifically, this girl had to be a lamia, or in English, vampire. The other conclusion, which was really just my imaginative mind roaming free, was that Kya had her neck missing of a chunk of skin yet lay there with not one drop of blood left in her drained body. The red speck on the lamia’s lip could be the last of Kya’s mortality.

     The Fallen had stuck something sharp through my leg. That was going to be one big bruise in the morning, my mind playfully joked. Pain pulsed through the length of my hind leg. Despite having the skill of quick regeneration, this wound would take about a week to heal. Wincing, I yanked the thing out of my leg. As I held it to my face, I saw the weapon. It was a weapon recognized by every Lycan creature, full bred or hybrid, because it was extremely fatal to us.

     My last thoughts swirled in my heavy head. He, Lagoon, works for the Immortals? These Immortals, what did they want from me? What…

     Darkness blanketed my vision. I lost consciousness.

The End

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