Part One, In Phyuri's PerspectiveMature

- When Human Meets Demon -

. . .

     I waited on the rooftop eyeing the zooming cars and feeling the winds float my hair. The children passing by made me think of what my missing past must have been like. How could I have been born an angel with blood from hell in my veins, as Elistur has told me? Only fallen angels could come from Earth because of their mortal sin. So why was I banished from heaven to live in hell? Elistur would never tell me, but I always had a feeling that he did know. Maybe he didn’t tell me in order to protect me, either way I’ll never know who I was.

     Being a fallen angel means being unseen by pure souls. Sometimes that means I can be seen by unclean souls destined for life in hell. Today, more people than usual saw me, a sign that hell was creating demonic futures for humans soon to die.

     “Hey, you there! What are you doing on the roof?” someone scolded.

     Yet again another human saw me, this time it was a staff member of the academy. I rolled my icy white eyes. I might as well have fun with this one, I thought. My loose wings stretched out as far as they could, revealing the marks and scars, rips and tears of hell and abandonment. My whole body distorted into its true form. The sun hit my blue-gray skin. The slight fuzz I called fur was only faintly visible in the sunlight. Saliva dripped from my uncurled lips and browned teeth. My nostrils flared in rhythm with my chest, revealing a wide gap, where my visible black heart ascended and descended.

     The man’s reactions made me want to fall over laughing. His eyes widened in terror and disgust. Another first timer, I thought. My mouth opened to laugh but that only made him scared even more. I could tell that he wanted to run away and flee from a horrific sight like myself. His legs were transfixed though, feet frozen on the ground and locked through horror. A sympathetic sight for most, an entertaining show for me.

     The monotonic bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. His focus switched to the front entrance doors. Students paraded out the insides of halls and out into the grassy front lawn of Vorican Academy. Some students stopped to laugh at the frightened administrator. Some students took pictures with their camera phones of his unusual expression. Some students looked at the rooftop once his attention was back to me, but they didn’t see me. Maybe a glint from the sun off my teeth was what made them slant their heads involuntarily.

     With the mindset that Vorican Academy was the perfect shelter, the adult fled inside. I didn’t care though. A vivaciously dressed girl was walking with a plain looking friend. I hopped off the rooftop to glide behind Kya. She never saw me because I wasn’t ready for her to see me yet. Although judging from today’s events, I believe it was time to show myself to her.

     Kya and her friend Ga-in took a while to separate. They chatted about the janitor outside the school, wondering why he looked like he saw a ghost or maybe something even worse. When they arrived at Ga-in’s home they still spent time together on the porch, admiring her father’s garden work and just enjoying each other’s company. Until Ga-in’s mother appears to offer Kya dinner and she refuses out of politeness, the duo is finally cracked. Kya hugged her folder and started toward her own home still soaking in the picturesque scenery before her.

     Since I didn’t know how to get her attention, it took a variety of coughs, clearing of throats, sniffling, and much more until she finally responded to a pebble to her head. Kya turned to me with no look of anger or annoyance but just curiosity. Her eyes shut and her mouth smiled a typical and sweet greeting, that’s Kya for you.

     “Did you see who threw a little rock at me?” she asked, the kindness and sincerity still in her.

     I nodded my head, “It was me, I’m sorry. I just wanted to get your attention Kya.”

“It’s okay. Do you know me from school? I’ve never seen you before.”

     “I know you just because I know you. See these?” My wings unfolded behind me, “That is how I know you.”

     “Amazing,” she muttered as she walked around my to feel the leather unearthliness, “We were just learning about creatures like you. I’ve never thought it possible to actually see an angel.”

     “I’m not exactly an angel, more of a creature from hell than heaven.”

     “No wonder you feel so cold,” she didn’t even hesitate to touch my other wing, Kya had no fear of something like me, “So what’s your name? Are you a boy or girl? How high can you f—“

     “I’m Phyuri, demons have no gender. In our first life we did but, long story short, I’m different. And angels are creatures of God so they have no gender either. I’ll answer your other questions at a later time.”

     “Oh, I’m sorry. Phyuri is an interesting name. The word fury means vehemence doesn’t it? I guess you must have been a guy before.”

     It became silent. The only sounds were of Kya’s gentle fumbling with my wings and occasional chirps of birds. If only I could actually feel her faint breath on my neck, her caressing of my wings but I felt nothing. We can only feel the touch of our own kind and anything painful.

     Kya broke the silence by asking why I had come to her. I can’t tell her the whole truth just yet, I thought. So I told her I would meet her after dinner so she would be more comfortable. She was about to argue but sported a flimsy pout and agreed.

     “I’ll meet you on the windowsill of your room,” I assured.

     “Okay then! Nice meeting you, I guess, Phyuri,” she shook my hand, “I can’t get over how cold you are.”

     I chuckled as she started towards home again. I myself can’t get over how comfortable she was with me. It was practically impossible she would be so evil once the other demons would get to her. Her innocence intrigued me. The sweetness of her personality made me envy her. It was amazing how one so innocent, so pure, had a future such as hers. This wasn’t meant to be, this fate of hers. I don’t believe it’s fair for Kya. It isn’t fair for me either.

The End

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