Fury Series: Book One - A Fallen PhyuriMature


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     She lives in a fairytale, somewhere too far for us to find; her head’s in the clouds, trying to reach those falling stars. She lives in her own little world called her imagination. She has no idea what her condition is, she has no idea I am here to protect her. The creatures from the heights of the heavens are coming to stop the cursed prophecy. The demons from the depths of hell are racing to claim their territory of this godforsaken earth with her as queen. This was not just fate or destiny, like you simple humans finalize it to be. This is my choice and I never have, can, or will regret my decision.

Author's Note The first sentence of the story comes from Paramore's song Brick by Boring Brick. It's actually what inspired me to do the story. Not the whole song, but just that verse of the song. Haha. XD

Next is Part One, In Phyuri's Perspective

The End

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