Eae's Confession (Part One)Mature

Confused by her sister’s behaviour, Nithya couldn’t concentrate on finishing her work. It had been a long time since Senka’s malicious side had emerged – for good reason, too.

All worries vanished at the knock on the door of her office – their office; Eae’s and hers. She grinned at him as he leant casually against the door frame.

“I thought I’d find you still in here,” Eae teased, “You put the rest of us to shame with the amount of work you put in.”

“If I have anything, it’s time,” Nithya answered, primly, but her smile let him know she was messing with him back.

“Ah, but of course, young one,” Eae bowed slightly, “Are you ready to go?”

Nithya laughed and shoved her papers into her bag. The two of them headed outside, laughing and joking. Nithya couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so carefree and happy; she suspected it had been before her parents’ death.

Eae took her to a small restaurant on the edge of town. It wasn’t expensive yet quite cosy. Eae insisted on paying for the meal and the drinks. Nearer the end of the meal, as they waited for their cappuccinos, Eae started to look uneasy. He would start to say something then sigh and close his mouth.

Filled with compassion for his struggle, Nithya reached across their small table by the window and lightly touched his hand. “Eae, what’s wrong?” she asked, softly.

He sighed again, “You’re so good, Nithya, but I fear those kind feelings might disappear once you hear what I have to say.”

“I don’t believe that’s true, Eae,” Nithya smiled.

Eae met her eyes, searching for something. What he found reassured him but he couldn’t meet her eyes as he confessed, “I know what you are, Nithya.”

An electric jolt ran through Nithya. Unconsciously she started to withdraw her hand on his but he suddenly flipped it over and grasped tightly onto her; his eyes pleading with her.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Nithya said, stiffly, at last, “’what I am’? I am a teacher.”

“Don’t lie to me, Nithya, I don’t mean you any harm,” Eae leant forward, across the table, “I’ve suspected for some time.”

“Suspected what?” Nithya persisted in feigning ignorance.

“Nithya…” Eae shook his head as if disappointed, “I know you and Senka are Demons.”

Nithya jerked her hand away and glared at him to cover her fear, “That’s a horrible thing to say!”

“Nithya, we both know it’s the truth,” Eae said in a low, cautioning voice, “We also know that it’s not Demons who victimise but are the victimised. Please, let me explain before you leave.”

Nithya stared at him for a long time. The waiter had brought their hot drinks and
Nithya took a mouthful before nodded slowly in assent.

“Alright,” Nithya agreed, “Tell me now.”

The End

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