A Change In NamesMature

"What do you mean disappeared?" Eae said, interested.

"I can’t find a single account of them after 1482, it’s like they disappeared off the face of the planet. I mean up to that point there had been at least some hint of the children but after that year I find nothing."

Eae stared at Lucas for a moment before saying, "When I was in University I became interested the legend myself, as I’m sure you know, and had a look into the history of it," He paused and frowned as if unsure whether to say something, "I managed to… 'acquire' a document that dated back to 1482, this document talked about how the children had been found to be staying with a relative and that plans had been set in motion to… well, kill them. If the document is correct it seems the children-"

"What?" Lucas interrupted.

"Well Mr Roe," Eae replied, giving Lucas a look, "If you’d allow me to carry on, it is most likely that the children died. The document didn’t mention ever finding the bodies of them, however it made it quite clear that the children were to be no longer found or seen."

"Okay…" Lucas said slowly, processing the news he had just found out. It wasn’t like he thought the children were still alive: that would be impossible! They would have to be over 3000 years old; even if they were Demons it couldn’t mean they were immortal.

Lucas suddenly remembered something that had been bothering him, "Okay, if the children did die, there would have to be
some account of where they were buried or their names, right? I had a look at the legend online and after filtering out the usual superstitions and false accounts; I found a number of sites that seemed to have better accounts of the children."

"Yes, where are you going with this?" Eae asked, politely, all too aware of the time passing.

"What I’m trying to say is that each site gave me different names for the children! I found a number of names like; Veroa and Lykka, Solar and Luna, Munkir and Nakir-"

"You do know that Munkir and Nakir are Angels right? Twin angels who govern Justice and decides who gets into paradise and who do not," Eae interrupted.

"Yeah, but it could be, I don’t know, irony?" Lucas replied, lamely, "Anyway, that’s not even the strangest one, there was one account that wrote about the children being called Ninhya and Setka although it claims these names may be incorrect because the document that it was found on was slightly unreadable at points due to burns and scorch marks." Lucas didn’t bother mentioning that if you swapped two of the letters around, one from each name, you got Nithya and Senka.

Mr Eae jumped slightly as if caught off guard, "Wait, what did you said? Burn marks, like from a fire?"

Lucas frowned, slightly confused by why that would concern Eae but nodded, "Yeah, apparently the document was found in Mabon and dates back to around the time the children disappeared."

Mr Eae opened his mouth to say something else but the school bell went off before he could get it out. Lucas cursed to himself and grabbed his bag, "Sorry, Sir, but I’m going to be late for Critical Thinking. Please may we talk later?"

"Yes, of course…" Mr Eae replied absently, "See you later."

The End

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