Endless CuriosityMature

Lucas went to school in an apprehensive daze. He hadn't found much in addition to what he already knew but what he had found was too much of a coincidence and scared him to death.

He avoided Senka as much as possible (paranoid she could read minds after his encounter with the violet haired woman) while still observing her. She remained alone most of the time, occasionally conversing with Sunny but no one else. In lessons, she never listened but still finished the work - correctly - before anyone.

During Critical Thinking he looked for signs of... well he wasn't sure what. Once or twice, he thought he heard Senka murmur something and Nithya's eyes would flicker over to her sister, however it sounded too like a soft breath to be sure.

When they were meant to be doing the questions set, discussing it with a partner, Lucas plucked up his courage to satisfy his curiosity.

"Other than your sister, do you have any other family?" Lucas queried, attempting to sound nonchalant as opposed to the eagerness he felt at getting an answer.

Senka jumped in surprise; they never discussed the work let alone anything else. She openly contemplated his question then (to his utter shock) answered, "No. It's just us now."

Her expression and tone was bland but even Senka was incapable of concealing such extensive grief and it shone in her eyes.

"I'm sorry," Lucas murmured, soothingly. Senka shook herself.

"Don't waste your sympathy on me - I don't want it," she snapped. She returned to her work as Lucas contemplated. Who was the violet haired woman if Senka was adamant that it was only her and Miss Wells left? Unless Senka was lying; but why'd she lie about that?

"My father vanished when I was about seven," Lucas supplied, hoping to get some more information.

There was a pause. "I was four when my parents died," Senka replied, at length, "I can scarcely remember them. In any case it was a very long time ago."

"It does seem like a lifetime," Lucas agreed, glad that she was responding in an almost civil manner at last.

Senka snorted, softly, "Or in my case: Many lifetimes." Lucas noticed that she'd already finished the work without him realising and was now drawing patterns in the margins.

"Miss Wells can't be that much older than you, surely, so who raised you?" Lucas persisted, hoping not to make her angry again.

She fixed her intense gaze on him, unblinking, "Why all these questions?"

"Curiosity," Lucas shrugged.

"Of the morbid kind?" Senka asked, sarcastically. Lucas continued to stare and she sighed, "My aunt Latrice raised us but she was involved in... an accident. Now, no more questions," Senka couldn't resist a half-smile and tapped Lucas' page, "You're still on question one in the work."

After R.S. that afternoon, Lucas hung back to talk to Mr Eae. He'd continued the topic of the Crossfire Legend, focusing on the stories of wrongdoings allies of the family had done under orders.

Mr Eae was putting away his ancient looking textbook that he'd been using for the last two lessons. He glanced up when Lucas approached his desk. "Ah, Mr Roe, look sharp, you don't want to be late for your last lesson."

"I was wondering if I could talk about yesterday's lesson, Sir," Lucas began, cautiously, "I did some research last night, you see."

"Ah, yes, I had rather hoped someone would be more curious in the Legend," Mr Eae sat down in his chair gestured for Lucas to sit down, "You, however, appear more troubled than enlightened."

Lucas reached for his bag and pulled out a piece of paper, on which he'd compiled a hasty Crossfire family tree.

There were three Crossfire's: Athelstan, Sethos and Latrice. "Look, Sir," Lucas pointed at the lines linked to Athelstan, "According the what I could find, Athelstan Crossfire married a Demon called Cwenhild and they had two children. Sethos also married, although I could not find a name for her, and he had a daughter."

"Right," Mr Eae dragged the word, slowly, inviting Lucas to continue.

"What happened to the children?" Lucas demanded. "Sir," he added hastily.

Eae narrowed his eyes, "Why does this matter so much to you?"

"Because I can't find out anything about the children anywhere!" Lucas exclaimed, "They had several different names and titles making it difficult to research them anyway but none of that matters.

"The Crossfire children simply... disappear."

The End

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