Jade EyesMature

Lucas found Senka later on, after the school day, sitting by herself staring at nothing. He hesitated but decided to sit next to her. She'd seemed withdrawn after the Religious Studies lesson. She turned to look at him without really registering who he was.

"Lies!" she hissed, furiously, "Stories they made up to turn the world against us all. Humans are such fools to fall for such lies."

Now Lucas understood. He thought she'd merely been surprised by the class' topic but really she was angry. Not simply angry: she was utterly fuming.

"W-what do you mean?" his voice faltered under her intense gaze. She blinked and finally realised it was him. Senka leapt up as if burned and glared at Lucas.

"Are you stalking me?" she demanded.

"No!" Lucas snapped back, his temper finally breaking. He'd been only polite to this Senka Wells and she'd been so cold and harsh back. One minute she was protecting him the next she was ignoring him: as if he'd done something wrong. Lucas got to his feet, too.

"Seriously, what the hell have I done to you?" Lucas demanded, quietly yet fiercely. Something flashed through Senka's eyes; Lucas could've sworn it was... uncertainty. Then it was gone and the anger was there again. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. She muttered something in a tongue that Lucas had never heard before yet something inside him responded to the language.

Senka's eyes opened and she spun around before practically sprinting away. But not before Lucas saw sorrow in the depths of her green eyes.

He slumped back into the seat, burying his face in his hands, feeling completely confused. The part that particularly got him was those words she'd uttered before sprinting away.

Somehow, something inside him knew what she’d said but he was unable to understand the words on a conscious level.

"Hey!" A voice called and he looked up, searching for the source. "Are you okay?" He jumped as the voice came from right behind him. He glanced at the person and gaped. She had the exact same eyes as the Wells sisters but her hair was a shocking violet colour.

"I know I'm stunningly beautiful but it's still rude to stare," she said dryly.

"S-sorry," he stuttered, "I'm fine, thank you."

"Alright then," she replied, "Laters, Human Boy."

"I beg your pardon?" Lucas asked. She shot him a mischievous – secretive – smile.

"I said laters, Lucas Roe." Then she was gone. She actually disappeared into thin air.

He slowly walked home, thinking over the events of the last half hour. He closed the door absently behind him: the house was empty, again. He walked up to his room and switched on the computer and while waiting for it to load he changed into a black hoodie and dark jeans. He sat down and began to attempt his homework. He was about halfway through when it hit him. He stared blankly at the screen.

How had she known his name? Lucas couldn't believe how slow he'd been. He'd never met that violet haired woman before but she'd known his name and he'd never said it.

He didn't doubt for a minute that she was related to Nithya and Senka. Those eyes were just too rare. Plus she'd had that mysterious aura the other two had and radiated their lonely air. Her eyes had been just as watchful and cautious; so like jade stones, piercing him every time he looked into them. Those Wells were bewildering but fascinating - and something in that day's religious studies lesson had invoked potent emotions in the normally calm and inscrutable Senka Wells.

Before he knew what he was doing, he opened the internet and typed in three words.

The Crossfire Legend.

The End

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