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Nithya stifled a yawnand looked down, blankly, at the timetable in front of her: she was observing a Religious Studies lesson second hour, conducted by Mr. Eae. She knew Senka was in that class along with Lucas Roe. She rubbed her eyes and searched absently for a pencil but as she lent over the desk her hand brushed someone else's. Nithya jerked back in surprise; she peered up into Mr. Eae's smiling face as he looked down at her.

"Good morning, want a coffee? Looks as if you need it more than I do," he remarked.

Nithya smiled sheepishly back and nodded gratefully, "Yeah, guess I could do with one; I was up late marking some papers. Kids today seem to write a book for every essay."

"'Kids today?' You sound like one of those old teachers," Eae chuckled as he walked over to the coffee machine.

Nithya tensed and bit her tongue but he didn't notice and continued talking, "It's nice to see them interested in something other than TV for once."

He smiled and placed a disposable cup on Nithya's desk. She smiled in gratitude and picked up the cup. She examined Eae over the rim as she took a sip: he was leaning against his desk that was placed in front of hers in the small office they shared. He wore a black shirt, that had several buttons undone, and brown trousers. He'd left his shirt hanging out over his trousers and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Over the back of his chair was a deep blue tie that he would put on before class started. Just then he looked very boyish with his slightly curly, brownish-blonde hair that was only controlled by the fact he kept it cut traditionally short. His eyes were the most amazing blue that Nithya had ever seen; they seemed unnatural however they drew you in nonetheless, until you felt like you were floating but for some reason they made Nithya feel uncomfortable at the same time. The silence stretched on as the two teachers regarded each other.

Eae suddenly clapped his hands, "Well," he said, rising to his feet, "Class is going to start soon: better beat those kids there." He winked at her and Nithya quickly drank the last of her coffee and started picking up loose paper work.

"So, what exactly am I meant to be doing?" Nithya queried while she and Eae walked through the network of corridors to the R.S. room. Students bustled around them but made sure to move out of the teachers' path.

"It's just something the school does for every new teacher, it helps them see what is meant to happen in lessons; so that they aren't misled by some of the more... 'tricky' students," Eae made a point of looking at Drake, who was leant against the lockers that lined the corridor walls, his arm draped around Loralei. He watched them as they walked past.

Eae leant over and whispered, "Just ignore him, remember: you're the teacher even if there are only a few years difference between you."

Nithya tried not to look irritated; she knew how to act like a teacher! But, she reminded herself, you are only meant to have just started teaching.
They came to the R.S. room; most of the class was already pouring in and Eae smiled at her, gesturing for her to walk in ahead of him.

"You're lucky," Eae informed her as they entered, "Today we're going to move onto a more interesting topic - one of my favourites."


"Indeed, we're going to be looking at a fairly unheard of story: the story of the Crossfire's."

Nithya caught her breath but recovered quickly as Mr. Eae motioned for her to sit in the chair positioned at the back of the classroom. Nithya walked past Senka's desk and caught her eye. At an inhuman level, "Be prepared, don't react no matter what."
Her sister looked vaguely confused but before she could ask why, Eae called the class to order to begin his lesson.

He paced at the front for a while, talking about what they had been learning last lesson (they'd been learning about the tale of Lucifer). Nithya absently twirled a pencil between her fingers.

"So, since we've looked at the tale of an Angel, I decided it may be interesting to talk about the other side that is never really talked about. Care to guess what?"
At that precise moment, Drake waltzed into the classroom and sat down at his desk without so much as a word of apology.

"Why, Mr. Williams, you must be in a chipper mood to grace us with your presence," Eae raised a brow and the class snickered slightly. Nithya noticed that Drake's ears went red but he didn't reply. Eae carried on, various students tried to guess what they would be looking at to no avail until Lucas raised a hand.

"Demons," he stated, gravely at Eae's nod.

Eae smiled, "Very good, seems like you're not all hopeless." The class stared blankly. "At least pretend you're interested and know what I'm on about," Eae joked with a mock-disappointed sigh. The class began to open their books but Mr. Eae waved at them, "No, no, put them away. What we'll be talking about isn't in any old book.

"Right, so Demons; now even though we may not learn about them often, I'm sure a few of you have heard the Crossfire story?" A handful of students raised their hands. Senka sat rigid in her seat while Eae carried on smoothly, "For the benefit of those who don't know, I'll tell you all the tale." Mr. Eae cleared his throat and launched into his retelling.

"Before the time of Christ, just after Adam and Eve, there was a period where Demons appeared. They were formed from the evil thoughts of men that were gained from the forbidden fruit that they had eaten. These Demons were horrible creatures who feasted on Human flesh, never being able to control their hunger. They were the bane of God who watched, torn, as these Demons began to destroy the world He'd worked hard to create. In His great fury, God decided to wash away all the evil that caused these Demon's to thrive. He created the great flood and allowed Noah to start again.

"For a while, peace was accomplished and the Heavens cried in joy but then, on a night where no stars could be seen, storms raged and the grounds began to ripple in the Bay of Naples; the place that was later seen as Hell on Earth. The ripples continued for six hours, six minutes and six second - which, if you were wondering, is where the number six-six-six comes from - and finally, two great, lumbering forms rose up from the ground. Around the world, other such figures began to rise and that was when God discovered the place that the Demons had hidden: Hell.
"The Demons had banded together under the powerful Crossfire Demons; said to be more powerful than God's strongest Angels. The Crossfires were the most evil and dangerous Demons known to man; their very name struck fear into anything that lived. They caused a massacre wherever they went; a trail of blood followed behind them.

"They began a war. A war so great that God feared the world would, literally, be split in two. The sky was stained with blood and the Earth scorched with fire. Hell had risen to the surface. The battle ground was littered with Demons, Angels and Humans alike. Finally, God Himself stepped down from Heaven to confront the Crossfire Demons; a male and a female. God tried to make peace, He offered the Demons a new start but the Crossfires stabbed God in the back: they began to attack Heaven. God was anguished at the destruction and in the end He brought the two Crossfires to their knees in front of him. They struggled and cursed Him but God brought His great sword down upon their heads: killing them. Their heads stand at the centre of Hell now, warning all Demons of what shall happen if they ever stand against the Lord.

"The Angels wiped out the Crossfire branch of Demons completely; their bodies scattered across the seven seas. That is the great woe of God: The Crossfire Legend."

The End

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