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"What did you do?" Nithya demanded quietly as Senka passed her, on her way into the classroom, "I could sense your power sixty miles away!" Senka gave Nithya an innocent look but received a glower for her efforts.

"Senka, welcome. Please take a seat," Nithya said at a normal, Human, volume, "Should I need any help, I am sure I can count on you." Senka gave her sister a dirty look and moved toward a window seat in the second row.

Senka was the third person to arrive. The rest of the class filed in gradually; Lucas arriving on his own when about half the class was full. All of Senka's row was empty. The whispers had already spread about how she - the new girl - had beaten the school fighting champion, Drake, with a single flick. No one was near her but with her hearing she knew what they were all saying.

Nithya did too.

She glared at Senka briefly, as if saying: well done, idiot, before welcoming Lucas and telling him to sit down. Nithya smiled and turned to the next student. Lucas' eyes fell on Senka.

Please, don't sit next to me, she willed. For a moment, he hesitate but Senka's sudden hopes vanished as he went to sit in the empty chair right next to her. Just her luck.

Fantastic, Senka thought. She shot Nithya a pleading look but Nithya merely shook her head slightly.

"Oh no," she said so only Senka's ears could hear, "You can suffer the consequences of your actions. Just hope this is the worst you have to deal with." Senka snarled quietly as Lucas sat down. He glanced, anxiously, at her but she pointedly ignored him.

Eventually, the whole class was there and seated. When one of Drake's friends turned up, she sneered at Lucas and Senka. Senka glared back fiercely and the other girl paled before recovering her arrogant demeanour.

The girl's eyes flickered to Nithya and they widened. Her eyes darted back and forth between the sisters; noting the similarities. They'd never been in the same room before in front of other students (with the exception of Lucas) and so no one had known they were related. This girl had picked up on it instantly.

So not all Human's are oblivious, Senka thought, Just the vast majority. She was in a black mood. It was difficult to ignore the odd, bad, feeling she had around Lucas. She was trying though. He didn't make it easy for her, despite Senka being openly rude and not even attempting to hide her dislike.

"That's Loralei, she's Drake's girlfriend," Lucas whispered to Senka; leaning in. She blanked him completely, restraining from rolling her eyes (who knew such a small thing was so hard?). Geez, do a human a favour and suddenly they think your their hero and best friend. She'd only helped him because she hated violence and particularly hated people hurting others for no reason other than to show off.

Surely he didn't think there was another reason, did he? She hoped he didn't.

She hoped that if he did then he was wrong...

Nithya started talking then: introducing herself, apologising for boring them by talking about expectations, blah, blah, blah... Despite her boring topic for the first lesson, she had the class captivated. Nithya had always been like that. People had always respected her and listened to whatever she had to say. Charisma, that was it. They respected Senka, too, but Nithya was more responsible and reasonable...

Senka zoned out, staring out the window; daydreaming about nineteenth century education. That was her favourite century so far because of the dancing, real dancing, although she did enjoy the luxury of this century's technology...

"Any questions?" Nithya finished her speech, snapping Senka's attention back to the lesson.

"Miss Wells," Loralei put her hand up, "How are you and, Senka," Loralei twisted the name like it was a dirty word, "Related?"

"That is not relevant to my subject, Loralei," Nithya reprimanded, gently, "Senka is a student and I am her teacher. That is the only relevant relationship we have in school."

Lucas raised his hand, "Have you taught previously?" Senka saw her sister tense slightly, they both recalled their conversation in the cafe.

"I've been a TA at a primary school for a year," Nithya said. Senka permitted herself to smile briefly. It was true. Nithya had been a teaching assistant for a year. In 1892. And then again in 1948. Oh, and there was that school in 1973: unforgettable!

"Now we have moved here and I am a fully qualified teacher," Nithya concluded, "Anything else? If not then we'll start with a sample test question today so I can get a feel of where you all are."

Senka sighed. It was going to be a long day.


"Could you have picked a more boring question? You know, one you haven't taught about three hundred times before?" Senka grumbled as she walked out the door. Nithya rolled her eyes.

"If you have a problem with the syllabus I'm sure you can always come back at lunchtimes so we can study something extra," Nithya suggested, lightly.

"Ah, no thanks, Miss Wells. I'm good," Senka replied and hastily left the room. She had just one more lesson then it would be the end of the school day.

How can one hour seem so long to someone who's lived over three thousand years? It never fails to amaze me.

"Hey! Sen!" Senka turned to see a girl called Sunny running towards her. Sunny had approached her on the first day and shown her around. Senka liked the girl, sure, but she hated the nickname Sunny had given her. She didn't have the heart to say anything though. Sunny lived up to her name; she was cheery but also kind of sweet. It felt almost criminal dimming that light inside her.

"Hello, Sunny," Senka greeted her. Just then they heard a snort.

"Figures, you're friends with that little thing," Loralei mocked. Senka spun around to see her standing with Drake. He had his arm wrapped around Loralei's waist. Senka was satisfied to see a bruise forming on the side of his face.

"Don't call her a 'thing'," Senka said, coolly, "She's Human, isn't she?"

"Oh I see," Loralei rolled her eyes, "You think you're some sort of Guardian Angel."

"Hell no!" Senka snapped. You would not like to meet an Angel. Or maybe you should, it'd be a beneficial experience for you.

"Come on, you're friends with the weak. The little thing here, the freak Lucas. You could be much more important than you are but, instead, you go around helping those who are pathetic and make enemies of us who could give you a powerful position here."

Senka's mouth quirked up into a half smile, "I've got plenty of power thanks." She turned to Drake, "Hey, Dude, who gave you the bruise?" Sunny giggled.

Drake and Loralei glared and then Eae appeared.

"What's going on here? Shouldn't you all be in... in lessons?" Eae faltered as he took in the look Senka was giving the two 'lovebirds'. Senka grabbed Sunny's arm and dragged the small girl away; muttering insults in an ancient Demonic tongue.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Sunny asked. Senka smiled at her.

"I was talking in my own private language - it's called nonsense," Senka replied. Sunny smiled back.

"I'm glad you're on my side, Sen," Sunny admitted, "I definitely never want to be on the receiving end of your glares."

"You haven't seen anything, Sunny," Senka laughed and winked, "You haven't seen the best I can do." Sunny joined in her laughter but, internally, Senka sighed with something like regret. And you never will.

The End

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