A Human BoundaryMature

Senka excused herself from the conversation and stormed down the corridor to the bathrooms.

"I'm sorry about that, Mr Eae, my sister meant no disrespect; she's just finding it hard."

Eae waved a hand, dismissing the apology, "There is no need to apologise, Miss Wells."

Nithya glanced at Lucas and back at Eae, there was something about those two that caused her stomach to do flips. Mr Eae noticed the look Nithya gave Lucas and interpreted it in the only way he could. He nodded at the boy.

"You can leave now, Mr Roe," Mr Eae smiled. Nithya hid her own smile as she thought about what 'Roe' meant: a male deer; a deer represented gentleness, kindness and caring. They are also sensitive to everything around them.

He couldn't know...

Senka came out of the bathroom and walked off without stopping to talk to them. Lucas stared after her as she left. Nithya smiled to herself.

"She's not as bad as she seems," Nithya explained to him, "Just try talking to her. She won't bite." Lucas looked at her in suprise; his eyes flickering slightly as he met Nithya's steady gaze. Nithya had to bite back a yelp of shock; just for a second, it felt like something had brushed against her.

Mr Eae watched as Lucas ran off after Senka before turning back to Nithya.

"Well, Miss Wells, I have a feeling this term shall be full of many interesting situations," he grinned. Nithya couldn't help but feel that there was some deeper meaning to what he was saying. For a few minutes, they just stared at each other.

Two boys started pushing each other behind Nithya, breaking the silence. Eae ran down, yelling at them: just like that, the atmosphere changed. The elder sister turned around once to look at Mr Eae and ran off in the opposite direction.

Maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought it would be.


Lucas turned round the corner and bumped into someone blocking the corridor. He was shoved back into the wall as two arms trapped him there, casually leaning on the wall either side of his head, blocking all escape routes.

"Lucas, Lucas, Lucas," a voice sneered as Lucas tried to move past the person.

"Leave me alone," Lucas muttered. A hand reached out and pushed his shoulder, slamming it into the wall.

"I don't think so freak!"

"Shut up, Drake! Get lost!" Lucas snapped. He flinched slightly as Drake leant closer, his rank breath suffocating him.

"Or. Else. What. Freak?" Drake bit each word and grabbed the front of Lucas's shirt. He was only a few centimetres taller than Lucas but was, by far, the strongest boy in the school; with too many school wrestling matches under his arm to count.

"Hey! Let him go, jerk!" Someone yanked Drake back and Lucas staggered back into the wall. He slid down it and blinked, trying to focus his eyes. He could see a pair of legs standing behind Drake and peered up into Senka's glowering face.

"Or else what? How's a chick going to stop me?" Drake sneered at her. Senka narrowed her eyes and stepped around Drake, getting between him and Lucas. He watched her and barely flinched as she got up in his face.

"Trust me, you do not want to see what I can do... Dude," she threatened, lifting her hand and pointing a finger at Drake, "I bet I won't even need to use more than this finger!" For some reason, Senka was really annoyed. Lucas watched, slightly confused at what was happening. Nothing like this had ever happened at Ratthorn High School before. This girl was different... so was her sister; there was something about them that struck something within Lucas.

Who are they?

Drake was fuming, he raised a fist to punch Senka. Lucas surged to his feet and grabbed Drake's arm.

"Dude, what are you doing!? You can't hit a girl!" he yelled before feeling a fist connect with his stomach; forcing Lucas to released his arm. He doubled over and fell to his knees, holding his stomach.

Senka growled, actually growled, and Lucas raised his head to watch through tear streamed eyes. Senka raised a hand and...


Drake was flung backwards and hit the wall - hard. Lucas glanced back and forth between Senka and Drake. He gaped up at the girl.

"How did you do that!?"

Senka glanced down at Lucas before turning away and walking back the way she came. Lucas could hear her muttering.

"Stupid Human..."

Lucas could only watch as she left, What does she mean 'Human'?

What is she?

The End

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