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The demons are good and the angels have been corrupted by jealousy. They've hunted demons to near extinction and forced them to hide amongst humans. What would you do if you had been saved by demons and were drawn into the conflict?
First book in the Celestial Trilogy ...

What if you lived in a world where the Demons were the good guys and the Angels were the bad?

Nithya and Senka Crossfire are sisters. They're also Demons; forced to live amongst Humans.

They've lost nearly everything other than themselves.

They're not evil but their world is a secret for the Humans' safety. Unfortunately, some Humans do get dragged into the ancient war; in which Demons were hunted to near extinction. They can only hide now, in hope of never being found.

Demons are used to helping out though and sometimes it's too hard not to. Nithya and Senka are the kindest of all. They hate death and pain. So when the opportunity to save a life comes along what choice do they have?

How could saving one, lone Human affect everything?

The End

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