Together Forever

Katie stared at her (former) best friend in horror.

“You can’t just ditch me,” she hissed, grabbing the blonde’s wrist as she headed to the door.

Ally’s eyes flashed apologetically at the shorter of the two. “I know, but it’s my turn to be their safety buddy. Can’t you hitch a ride with the group of psych kids?”

The curly haired raven blanched. The worst people to party with were definitely the psychology majors. They had the worst tendencies to mix alcohol and drugs of their choice…it was only a matter of time till one of them dropped dead. Katie did not intend to stick around close enough, much less in the same vehicle, to see one of them kneel over.

“I can take her home.”

They both spun around to see Dylan towering above them, Jessica clinging to his arm and scowling heavily. Ever since she figured out that Katie was the Fun-Sized Savior – surprising, considering the amount of alcohol she had ingested – she had spent the rest of the night torn between scowling at her and trying to keep Dylan’s eyes off her.

Ally’s eyes brightened immediately, a wide grin slipping onto her face. “Yes, that’s perfect! Isn’t it, Katie?”

The short girl forced herself to tear her eyes from Dylan’s own smoldering gaze, and sneered slightly at her friend. “That totally doesn’t let you off the hook. I am so not going to anymore parties with you,” she again, pointing a perfectly manicured finger – courtesy Ally – at the blonde.

Ally pouted, but cheered up a second later, waving her friend’s threats off as she swooped her into a hug. “You will tell me everything tomorrow, understood? Leave out no details!” she whispered, then skipped happily out of the club.

Katie inwardly shuddered. On some days, she still wondered how they had become friends, much less best friends.

She felt Dylan’s low chuckle move down her body before she heard it. Her face flushed, and she turned her eyes towards him once more, their eyes making contact. He grinned at her; it was a crooked half-grin that made her want to swoon, and she almost did. Damn drinks, making her susceptible to his charms…

He moved closer, dropping his arm across her shoulders. Katie had to force herself from borrowing closer into his warmth. Dimly she realized she was barely eye level to his torso.

Dylan’s arm moved from her shoulders to her waist. She looked up at him, her face flushing darker as he looked down at the same moment and winked, pulling her closer.

“Wanna stay for another dance? Or do you wanna get out of here?” he hollered over the music.

The grey-eyed girl willed her mouth to move, and she replied, “Let’s get out of here. I have a feeling I’m gonna pass out soon enough.”

He grinned at her once more, then using the arm still around her waist, began leading her to the door.

“He’s got some fantastic muscles,” Katie thought, feeling his arm hold her tighter.

As they walked out of the building, Katie outwardly cursed as she felt the cold winds of the autumn night.

“And I left my jacket in Ally’s car. Perfect,” she grumbled, mostly to herself.

Suddenly, a heavy leather jacket was draped over her shoulders. Blinking, she looked up at Dylan, who chuckled and looked away, refusing to meet her piercing gaze.

“Just so…you know…you don’t freeze to death or anything,” he said, using his left arm to rub the back of his head in embarrassment.

God, how much cuter could he get? Katie was doing everything in her power to stop her alcohol-saturated body from jumping right there.

Instead, she grinned at him, flushing slightly. “Why thank you, kind gentleman. Now, lead me to your chariot,” she teased.

Dylan grinned back, grateful for her joke. “Gladly, my lady,” he replied, holding his arm out for her to take.

Katie immediately took the offered arm, and allowed him to lead her to the parking lot. As they walked, her mind wandered to the strong, masculine scent that wafted off the jacket. It was a mixture of Old Spice (a scent she loved on her men), a dark, warm scent that must have been unique to Dylan, and the leather itself. Geez, even her nose was in love with this guy. This was so not good for her single life…

The car ride was relatively nice; it consisted of Dylan mostly asking for directions and them discussing general things about each other and Katie munching on the crackers and sipping the water he had given her to help her get sober faster.

Twenty minutes later, Dylan was parked in front of her apartment complex. Inwardly, the curly-haired girl pouted. She had been having so much fun just chatting with him, she didn’t want tonight to end.

He turned to her after cutting off his car’s engine, a soft smiling dancing on his lips.

“This is your stop, right?” he asked softly, his gaze locking onto hers.

“Yeah,” she replied just as softly, leaning the side of her head against the headrest as she turned her body to face him.

Dylan reached out, brushing a strand of hair from her face gently. Katie’s eyes fluttered closed, leaning into his touch.

“Somehow,” he began, his voice barely above a whisper in the silent car, “I feel like you were meant to be there today, to save me.”

Slowly, her grey eyes opened, smiling at him. “That’s possibly got to be the cheesiest way to come onto a girl, Mr. Montenegro,” she teased tenderly.

His cheeks pinked, but he didn’t look away from her or remove his hand from her face. His thumb stroked her cheek in a circular motion, and he didn’t speak.

“My roommate’s out of town, on some spiritual retreat. If you want, you can come in. I’ll refill your water bottle for you and return your jacket,” her tone didn’t betray the flip-flops her heart was doing at that moment.

For a moment, he didn’t reply, but his thumb never stopped its circular motions across her cheek. Then he gave her a brilliant smile and said, “Only if you promise to give me your phone number before I leave.”

She grinned back, “We have a deal.”

Katie began to move away to unbuckle her seatbelt and let herself out of the vehicle, but Dylan stopped her, his hand gently gripping her chin and pulling her forward.


Her exclamation was cut off by a pair of lips on hers. Her eyes widened, but slowly closed once more, giving into the kiss. The Old Spice smell was even stronger now, and it took all her strength not to turn into a puddle of goo right there.

Dylan’s hand moved from her chin and buried itself in her curls, deepening the kiss. He groaned wordlessly, then broke the kiss, setting his forehead on hers.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you tonight,” he confessed, his voice rough and raspy.

Katie shivered, then grinned slyly. “Well, you’ll get more chances to do that if you come in…” she trailed off suggestively.

Needless to say, Dylan didn’t leave that night, and the next day, all of Ally’s calls were ignored.

The End

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