Love (In This Club)

The club throbbed with loud music, and Katie gazed at it in apprehension.

Ally, not seeming to notice her distress, pulled out a pocket mirror to give her face a once-over and smiled stunningly at her reflection, satisfied with the results.

“Come on then,” she ordered, making a shooing motion with her hand. “Get out so I can park the car.”

Katie’s grey eyes widened in horror. “And what, you’re just going to leave me standing out here to wait for you?”

“Of course not, what kind of person do you think I am?”

She almost sighed in relief. Almost.

“You’re gonna go in there and get us some drinks!” Ally shot her a frightening grin, then quickly stretched over to open the passenger door, unbuckle Katie from her seat, and shoved her out of the car.

The curly raven-haired sputtered as she lost her balance, gripping the doorframe for balance. “You bitch!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t agree to come to be your place holder!”

Ally winked at her and sped off into the parking lot, leaving Katie in the dust.

“Here goes nothing,” she thought morosely, flashing her ID and club membership card – procured by means Katie and Ally swore never to mention to anyone – to the bouncer at the door and walked in.

Almost immediately, she got shoved around by people taller than her who seemed to think she was an insignificant bug of some sort. Instead of stepping on their toes with her boots’ heels like she would have liked to, she elbowed several people in their midriffs (and occasionally crotch) as she battled her way to the bartender.

“One virgin apple martini with olives and a rum and coke,” she ordered, sighing in relief as she made it past the already drunk crazy people and the horny couples who hadn’t made it to the back wall just yet.

“You drinking both of those, shorty?” the bartender asked, eyeing her in concern.

She inwardly rolled her eyes. One of them was a virgin, for crying out loud. It’s not like she was going to get drunk with just those two – that was, if she actually was going to drink both.

“One’s for a friend,” she said snappishly at him, dropping her purse on the seat next to her – universal sign for “taken seat”.

He raised an eyebrow at her, but began working on her order. Sighing satisfactorily, she turned her gaze from the counter to the rest of the bar/club. It had been months, almost half a year, since she’d been here. She wasn’t a big party/clubbing type – that’s what she had Ally for – but she, like every other person, liked to get drunk and have fun once in a while. An engineering major, two jobs, and an internship, however, took away any chance she had of a social life. Since she began her sophomore year of college, all she did was work, school, work, and school some more.

“Awh, you still remember what I like to start with!” Ally’s voice next to her interrupted her train of thought about a lack of social life. “You’re such a doll.”

“You’re welcome,” Katie replied drily, raising her glass of rum and coke in a mock toast to her best friend, who returned the gesture with one of her own.

“Let’s dance!” Ally yelled, pulling the drink from Katie’s grasp and grabbing her hand in order to pull her from the seat.

The curly-haired girl thought about protesting, but stopped herself. It had been so long since she had been out; she owed to the blonde to go along with her wishes, if just for tonight.

“Yo Ally!” a random guy yelled from the center of the dance floor, waving her over.

Ally beamed at him and she stalked over, her blonde curls bouncing with every step she took.

“Omigosh, it’s Katie!”

Katie inwardly groaned. If there was one person who was a worse drunk than Ally, it had to be Jessica. She wasn’t even a funny drunk, or an amusing drunk. She was loud and annoying, and she had a habit on hitting on everything that had a third leg.

Jessica stumbled forward, her straight brown hair falling into her face. “You have to meet a new friend of mine,” she said, her words already slightly slurred. “He was the guy that got saved by the Fun Sized Savior! Can you believe it?”

Katie started, while Ally gasped in surprise. The guy she had saved? She barely remembered him at all…

Her sharp grey eyes flickered from the tipsy brunette to the tall, dark and handsome standing behind her. She her eyes caught his sparkling hazel and she thought of how they looked when he was startled, like how startled he had been when she had been lying on top of him…

She discreetly shook her head, trying to get those thought out of her said. Smirking, she took a step forward, extending her hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, her voice sly and playful. “I’m Katie McGaw.”

“Nice to finally meet you, Katie,” his deep voice was just as playful, and he grasped her hand in his warm one, his thumb stroking her skin. “I’m Dylan Montenegro.”

“Like the country?”

“Exactly like the country.” He winked at her, and she felt herself wanting to giggle, like Ally did when someone called her cute.

Jessica frowned at their interaction and tugged his hand away from hers. Katie almost blushed – she had forgotten there were others around.

“So Dylan,” Jessica said, fluttering her eyes coyly. Katie sighed at her actions. She might as well have gotten on her knees and asked to service him. “Tell us about how it was, being saved today.”

Dylan sent her an amused look, and beside her, Ally grinned, leaning in to hear the story.

“Well, I was a bit out of it – I’m on the cross country team, and I messed up my leg pretty badly. I was on some strong pain meds, and I was supposed to be in bed, but I was craving some ice-cream.” He blushed and rubbed his neck in embarrassment as Ally and Jessica cooed at him. Katie rolled her eyes, but smiled slightly as well.

“Yeah well, I couldn’t tell my left from right, and I finally decided to call a friend to pick me up. After I ended the call, I was in the middle of the street, and there was a car heading straight to me.”

His eyes locked onto Katie’s, and he continued his story. “And there she was, like a mini cannonball, risking her own life to save a random stranger. After she knocked me into the sidewalk, I think I was blinded for a moment. And then all I could see was her, peering down at me with bright eyes and ridiculously crazy hair, and I swear, for a moment I thought she was an angel.”

The dark room and neon strobe lights couldn’t hide the blush that shot to Katie’s cheeks, her eyes wide, yet still locked onto Dylan earnest almost-green ones.

“Yes! You two were totally meant for each other!”

Way to destroy the moment, Ally.

The End

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